170928 Park Hae Jin, Photoshoot for The Big Issue Korea Cover story

[BIG ISSUE] 165 Cover Story is the beautiful actor Park Hae Jin!

The Cover story of the October special courtesy was made of actor Park Hae-jin and all the staff and the atmosphere of the scene and their hearts are really beautiful than flowers.We have a video of the readers and the fans to play the scene this time. =Helping peolpe help themselves. Thank you very much for everyone who supports your own independent. * [BIG ISSUE] 2,500 won from 5,000 won and 2,500 won to return to home lease sales. * [BIG ISSUE] 165 is available on September 28th (Gold) for each sale https://goo.gl/dLpnyg and online http://www.bigissue2.kr The Mid-Autumn Festival will be sold in 165 for a month especially in October.

《빅이슈》 165호 커버스토리 주인공은 아름다운 배우 박해진입니다!10월 스페셜호의 커버스토리는 배우 박해진과 모든 스탭들의 재능기부로 만들어졌는데요, 현장의 분위기와 그들의 마음이 정말 꽃보다 아름답다 느껴졌답니다. 독자님들과 팬분들에게 그 현장을 생생히 전하고자 이번에는 영상으로 담았습니다.^^=Helping peolpe help themselves. 홈리스의 자립을 응원해주시는 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다.* 《빅이슈》는 판매수익 5,000원 가운데 2,500원이 홈리스 판매원에게 돌아갑니다.* 《빅이슈》 165호는 9월 28일(금)부터 각 판매지 https://goo.gl/dLpnyg 와 온라인 http://www.bigissue2.kr 에서 구매가 가능합니다. 추석연휴를 맞아 165호는 특별히 10월 한 달간 판매됩니다…http://mtvdaily.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=15065552761281772017

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Park Hae Jin Mind Bridge 2017 F/W Collection Photo Stills

With the release of the video catalogue for Mind Bridge’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection, the photo stills were also as equally stunning!



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Park Hae Jin for Mind Bridge 2017 F/W Collection Video

Mind Bridge through Park Hae Jin Weibo bar released this soft tone video of Park Hae Jin on the 2017 F/W Collection video.  Alongside with it, they also issued the photo stills and the gifsets for this collection.



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Park Hae Jin, the Philosophy of Sharing “Charity with fans…. I feel proud.”

박해진, 나눔의 철학 “팬클럽도 함께 기부활동…자랑스러워” [화보


[Sports reporter Kim Young-rak] Actor Park Hae-jin made a talent donation as a cover model of ‘Big Issue’. Park Hae-jin was featured on the cover story of the October issue of “Big Issue,” a lifestyle magazine published on the 29th. .

This photo shoot was made by talent donation of Park Hae Jin. ‘Big Issue’ is a magazine published in the UK, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and other places in Korea. Half of the sales are directly related to the income of homeless salesmen.


In this photo shoot of ‘pure’ concept, Park has captured his gaze by revealing his own luxurious yet clear atmosphere every time he cuts. .

Park has contributed a total of KRW 1.7 billion since 2011, along with various volunteer activities including briquetting service, and has been carrying out steady sharing with domestic and overseas. So this photo shoot was made with the intention of helping the homeless.


In an interview following the filming, Park said that he is proud of his own philosophy of sharing and that his fan club is also involved in various donation activities. .

He also told me about the recent movie “Cheese In The Trap” and the next drama “Lion”, which is scheduled to open in the first half of next year. .
On the other hand, ‘Lion’ is the romance action mystery drama that happens when a woman who lost her beloved accidentally finds a twin in this work. It will start shooting in November, and it will be broadcast next year.

Auto translated

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Lee Jong Suk for Sieg Fahrenheit 2017 F/W Collection MV

I love the recently released photos of Lee Jong Suk for Sieg Fahrenheit 2017 F/W Campaign.  I made an MV for this collection.

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