[2006]T Magazine interview with Park Hae Jin

This is one of his earliest features as he debuted in 2006 with the drama Famous Chil Princesses.  Again, @haejinspired was an angel and translated and gave us the gist of the interview with Park Hae Jin.  I noticed that time and again, he always was and is honest and candid in answering questions given to him.  I love his style and it gives off a relaxed atmosphere.  Here is the content of the interview and the translators thoughts and some of mine.


Magazine T interview
순정만화 같은 외모
박해진 – 2006년 7월 24일 “매거진 T” 인터뷰 & 화보
In an interview with Magazine T that was published on 2006/07/24, Hae Jin nim talked about how he was casted as he had gone shopping for clothes, his training for 1 years and 7 months and then his casting in Seven Chil Princesses.


And he also talked about having run a clothes shop for 3 years right after high school in which he did all the work himself. And then he closed that shop and decided to open a restaurant. He went to Seoul to buy clothes but was recruited in the shop.


He said the criticism about his acting hurt him at first but what was said was not wrong. At first if the scene was shot, he thought he had made it but after acting for a while, in spite of getting the director’s OK he felt not satisfied about his acting and kept worrying about it.


He said he would have regretted it less if it took a longer time and they shot a scene a few more times, but as he was a rookie the director didn’t have high expectations of him.


About his lines as Yeon Ha Nam, he said they would have sounded strange no matter who said them (laughs). From his cute lines like “Mam raises one’s protective instincts enough even when doing nothing.” to hot confessions like “Just trust and follow me. At least I will not make you feel lonely.” and “Like crazy, I missed you like crazy, that’s why I came. Now I have seen your face I’ll go.”, he has received lots of love from older lady viewers.

He says if a man is not a player, he wouldn’t normally say such things.
Regarding the comments about his acting he says there are people who say “When will his acting get better?!” and there are some who say “It seems he has gotten stronger”.

He has painted since childhood and was interested in designing and likes doing works with his hands like cooking and making models.
He said he has lived alone since graduating from high school but the food he bought was not tasty. So at first he had no choice but to cook but little by little he learned one by one. He can’t cook complicated things but simple ones like Samgyetang Kalbijim.


He said he has done lots of jobs but has not heard “You can’t do this.” that many times. Because they were things he wanted to do and things he started because he could do them well. But now about ‘Acting’ that he wants to do and started to do because it seemed he’d be able to do well, he hears “You can’t do it”. So he wants to get better fast so that when 10 years pass, where ever he goes, he would not here “You can’t do it”.


And here the reporter says:
“From this assuring person, I feel a determined mindset strong enough to make him surpass his ‘purely manhwa like appearance.


Translator’s thoughts:

Now 10 years have passed. He will never hear “You can’t act!” ever again coz he is one of the best actors ever. But ironically he is being called “A man ripped out if a manhwa”!
Which of course is a praise for his perfect sync with the characters he plays.

He makes it impossible to imagine those characters being played by any other actor. He wears the characters as well as he wears clothes; formal and serious like Han Jae Joon, damaged and twisted like Jung Moon, loving and expressive like Hwi Kyung, kind and introverted like Sang Woo, complicated and suspicious like Yoo Jung and charming and seductive yet innocent and pure like Seol Woo.
He is one of a kind!

My thoughts:

After 10 years and now 11, he had become an actor who can do just about anything and where people watch because it is HIM!😍  His talent is what exactly made us love him,  his looks and everything else are icing on the cake (lols, who am I joking!).   I don’t even know when I started liking this talented man, uri namja my nampyeon… Yoo Jung, Jung Moon, Ha Nam, Hwi Kyung or Ryu’s scruffy look or the confident Shen An or maybe Jae Joon but I’m sure I realized I am in too deep after Kim Seol Woo and then in reality his personality. 😍😍😍😍😍  It always seemed that children who grew up with their grandparents turns out to be responsible and good adults.


by: xxnonskixx

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My ManxMan OST finally arrived!

One of the best drama Official Soundtrack that I’ve ever heard in a long is ManxMan’s soundtrack.  Every song is a memorable part of the drama.  The songs were selected with care to show the feel of the whole drama.  The song resonates the drama scenes it aim to portray.  I remember that at one time, at the Soompi forum of Man to Man, we were eagerly awaiting for two songs that came out as early as episode 2 but were released only later since those were part 6 and 7 of the soundtrack.

I usually don’t buy OSTs since they are mostly readily available for download for free.  Actually the first OST that I bought was that of I Hear Your Voice.  Since then I never bought another one.  When ManxMan aired I was eagerly awaiting for the songs and decided that finally I had to buy the CD.  I ordered my copy from YesAsia because I find them reliable as this is where I ordered last time.  I placed my order 16th of June 2017 and the package arrived 6th of July 2017.  It contained the CD of the songs and one photobook.  I will post below the copies of what’s inside the photobook and the copy of my cd.  Please do not repost or take out the photos as I don’t know if we will be violating any copyright on this.  This post is made for information purposes only. Click to see the HD copies.

Here are the contents of the photobook:

by:  xxnonskixx


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Park Hae Jin kicks off his 2017 Asia Tour with Japan Fan Meeting

He’s off again to work!  Aw, he’s gotten little rest and he met his fans at Japan.  On 02 July 2017, Park Hae Jin was at Incheon International Airport to travel to Japan.  His fan meeting with his Japanese fans and others who came from various places was held at Prince Hotel at Lake Biwa Otsu, Kyoto, Japan on 03 July 2017.  I love the set up that was used for this fan meeting.  It gave a cozy feel with everyone seated on a round table.  Everyone can have an eyeful of our Haejin on stage!  The best part I guess is when he went table hopping taking selfie shots with fans. There were also some games played.  He really adores his fans!  He even went back on stage after the program ended just so the fans can take pictures of him.  What a great personality!  I hope Hae Jin enjoyed the event as much as his fans.  His next fan meeting dubbed as JIN’s House Party will be held at Thunder Dome Muangthong Thani, Bangkok on 15 July 2017.

Posted below are some of the pictures during the Japan Fan Meeting.  This aren’t mine so please do not cut/crop/edit/remove logo and repost as your own.   Give credit where credit is due!  Owners are tagged as per logo/watermaark.  Click to see the HD copy and you can see more photos of the event on my IG xxnonskixx

Departure from Incheon:


Fan Meeting at Prince Hotel, Lake Biwa Otsu:


Kansai Airport to Incheon Airport:


credit to photo owners

by:  xxnonskixx


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[MV]Missing Kim Seol Woo

It’s been more thank a week since Man to Man ended its run on JTBC and live broadcast on Netflix.  It can still be viewed via Netflix on its rerun.  Missing our stoic bodyguard,  I compiled these photos and created a small clip via VivaVideo on Iphone.  Enjoy!

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Park Hae Jin on what scares him and his love for bromance

In an interview featured at Soompi with Park Hae Jin, he talked about being comfortable with bromance and has less confidence to act on romance and further tells us what scares him.

The actor expressed, “I’m still more comfortable acting with men. I’m really weak with romance. Thankfully, the romance in ‘Man to Man’ was a part of my character’s [undercover] plan. It’s been a long time since I’ve dated in real life, so it’s difficult for me to express the tingly feelings that new lovers feel. Filming romantic scenes is something I struggle with.”

When asked whether he had any plans to date, Park Hae Jin answered, “I would definitely date if I liked someone. I’m not staying single on purpose.”

While talking about action scenes, the actor shared, “I try not to use a body double if I’m just running or rolling around. I can even do car flip stunts. Am I fearless? No. I’m really scared of ghosts. I’m a scaredy-cat.”

Source Via

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Park Hae-jin discusses his work and rest : says when he has free time, he spends it with family or alone


Known for his dandy looks, the 34-year-old actor Park Hae-jin has played roles ranging from a college senior, a doctor and, most recently, a special intelligence agent. In the JTBC romance series “Man to Man,” which recently ended, Park played an elite ghost agent. Compared to past works like “Cheese in the Trap,” in which he played a mysterious young man, in “Man to Man,” he flaunts his masculine side.

The show is a comic bromance, featuring co-star Park Sung-woong, and the duo has succeeded in grabbing the public’s attention. Park reminisced that even though it was hard filming it, he was very happy. In an interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, he revealed his thoughts about this past work and his personal life.

Q. How do you feel about the end of the TV series “Man to Man?”

A. The teamwork played a big part in this piece. I was happy since I could actively participate in the work.

How was working with Park Sung-woong?

He is a funny guy, even when filming. I haven’t worked with him in about 10 years and I was glad to be working with him again. I was sad when it was getting to the end of filming.

The show was a hot issue when Song Joong-ki appeared on the show as a cameo. 

I haven’t seen him for a long time. Park Sung-woong doesn’t usually make mistakes while filming, but he made so many mistakes in that scene. We were in a hurry, but we had a fun time filming it because it was a comic scene.

What was the hardest part when filming?

The romance scenes. I am not good with cringey scenes but I had to act as a sensuous person. I couldn’t stand it.

Among the recent romance flicks, there were a lot of kiss scenes.

There were four kiss scenes with actress Kim Min-joung. The first scene was shot on a sunny day, but other scenes were shot on a really freezing day.

Is there a particular scene you still remember?

I remember the scene in the second episode where I had to run while holding Park Sung-woong’s hands. That scene was shot on a road that was recently built.

Looking at the viewer ratings, I think there is much left to be desired.

It is not a satisfactory number, but I still think it is pretty good. Viewer rating is not everything. I hope that people watch the show even as time passes by.

Your new upcoming drama, “Saja,” is a pre-filmed piece, where you play four characters. 

It is pre-filmed, so I could really study the character and more time could be spent on editing. When a work is filmed live, even though it is tiring, as I can barely sleep, I can receive feedback and feel the reactions from the work. I think there are pros and cons.

It seems like you are constantly working.

I think the last time I took a proper rest was seven or eight years ago. Sometimes I really want to take a break, but I think I have to work hard while there is work.

What is a good thing about being busy?

I have no time to be bored or to think. I also don’t have time to spend on something. Right now, I want to focus on my work. Plus, I can’t try something else now. I think this is the time for me to keep working.

What do you do when you rest?

I spend time pampering myself and playing with my nieces at home. Nowadays, I am into web cartoons.

How do you keep fit?

I used to work out constantly, about six or seven times a week. However, after shooting “Man to Man,” I couldn’t work out for about six months. I am trying to work out again for my health, which I think is the most important thing.

Do you have any thoughts about marriage?

I thought I would be married by the age of 35. Before I turned 30, even though I was busy, I still made time to date someone. I thought a person is never too busy to date someone, but if I have free time, I just need time for myself.

When do you think you will get married?

As of now, I want to get married before I turn 40. I want to get married while I am still young.

BY HWANG SO-YOUNG [jeon.sohyun@joongang.co.kr]

Posted on Korea Joongang Daily

as seen on IG by phj_iloveu

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Park Hae Jin: Every Project A Destiny Role?


[인터뷰]‘맨투맨’ 박해진, 매 작품마다 인생 연기..이러니 반할 수 밖에

‘ManXMan’ Park Hae Jin, acting in every project like it’s a destiny role … no choice but to admire

Playing NIS Ghost Agent K Kim Seol Woo, a perfect presentation of a different character
The actor who presents a new character in every project, Park Hae Jin. He presented yet another destiny acting through the well-received JTBC drama, ‘ManxMan’.
A visual you have no choice but to fall for and a charming genuine actor.

Gist of Q&A section

Kim Seol Woo is not a pretty man but a ghost agent (laughs). Acting the restaurants scene in ‘ManXMan’ was very difficult for me (me, the translator: he means the first kiss scene)… I acted fatally awesome and walked, I was very embarrassed (laughs).


I learned a lot from my bodyguards. Standing postures while guarding and way of speaking but it was of no use (laughs).
They guard people on location but my character was on an NIS mission. There were lots of other parts too so it wasn’t of much help (laughs).

Personally I like acting with men more (laughs). But that doesn’t mean I don’t like acting with women. When I act with hyungs and not people my age, although I don’t have a lot of cuteness, I think I can rely upon them and act.
This time in ‘ManXMan’ Jong Man Shik hyungnim and Park Sung Woong hyungnim both are people who act very true-to-life so of course the chemistry was good.
(With Jong Man Shik Hyungnim) we had a lot of chats on the set, and I don’t remember anything but acting while laughing. A lot of people say that Park Sung Woong hyungnim is hard to work with but he is really fun. I think he is a real son-lover.

In the press conference writer Kim Won Seok said that ‘I thought he was handsome so I casted him, but I was surprised coz he was very funny’. I am not the type to limit my acting so I consulted the director a lot on the set. We said that the bodyguard might look very flat so we talked about expressing it differently and the exploratory acting of the relationship with Kim Min Jung ssi was also talked about.


(The action scene with Tae In Ho) took around 5 days to shoot. Actually only about half of what we had worked on came out. Around 40 to 50 %. What we practiced in the action school was much longer.

After doing the action on the location we realised it would take about a week to shoot it all. So we left some parts and did the shooting. We had practiced the actions for a long time so we shot it safely without any big injuries (Monino: I know he has hurt his knee, maybe it was during this scene but I’m not sure). It was well wrapped up so it was very thrilling.
(Hae Jin nim and Seol Woo’s sync) Seol Woo in ‘ManXMan’ and the real me are very much alike. If the characters in my previous works were made, this time the setting was well designed for me so I created a lot of its aspects.

This Ghost Agent had both cute and dorky aspects which I think might be the real me. I don’t feel that I am cute myself, but my fans see me that way. So I ask this of my fans “I am 35 now, so please hold back.” (laughs)
I think it’s good to be busy. Because for us actors if no one looks for us, it’s a job we cannot do. I am only thankful just by being able to work this steadily. And I am also thankful that I have been made able to have new challenges every time. I also have a feeling of anticipation regarding my new acting. I will try to show my always developing image in the future, as well.

as translated by:  haejinspired

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