[051917]Park Hae Jin interview with Hongkong Daily


This is a translations by @phj_iloveu on Instagram and posted here with full credit and consent by translator.

“When being asked if he becomes more understanding towards his bodyguards that protect him in real life after filming Man x Man, Park Hae Jin laughed, “My bodyguards are like my brothers and family members. They are the ones that most look forward to me starring as Kim Seol Woo. But they are of not much help to me acting this character because in this drama, Kim Seol Woo is a special agent disguised as a bodyguard. However, I did learn from them the correct and polite way of addressing clients and the proper way to open car doors.”

Park Hae Jin’s performance in the drama had received praises. However, he was modest and said his performance is only worth 60 marks. He said, “I have never been satisfied with my works. I really cannot appraise my ownself but I would say around 60 marks? I always feel that I can do even better. “


“Park Hae Jin went to Hungary Budapest for 3 weeks of overseas shooting. He ate well and slept well there. He said, “The working hours there during filming have to adhere to strict rules. Thus, we had to have our meals punctually and abide by the shooting rules and requirements. I was surprised. Actually, from filming perspective, this is a normal schedule. But in Korea, the situation is completely opposite. Due to the tight schedule, not only the actors but the shooting crew also can’t have decent rest and sleep. Thus, we were all very pleased to be able to work together in a better environment. Normally, overseas shooting is challenging and schedule is very tight as we have to complete shooting within the limited time as per plan. But this time, the whole shooting process was full of happiness and thrill. ” .

.Park Hae Jin said the first shooting location is very dusty and the second location is really a prison where the real prisoners were imprisoned. Although Park Hae Jin did not talk to them, but being at close proximity with these burly overseas prisoners was an unforgettable experience for him. Park Hae Jin further revealed that the prison officers that appeared in the drama are all real prison officers. Hence, viewers may feel that they are so realistic.”

“Earlier, Park Hae Jin filmed “Cheese in the Trap” which is of romance genre. This time round, he is filming another drama with heavy masculine flavour following Bad Guys. He said he personally prefers filming movies and dramas with masculine flavour. However, when reading new scripts, there is no special preference for a particular type. He will take up the project if it is suitable for him. As he had acted many roles before, now he would like to act as an ordinary person. He said, “I am keen on acting as a lonely and timid person, like a real story that often appears in our normal daily lives. If I could put down all the burden to narrate a story relating to happenings in our daily lives, I would definitely gain alot from it. “

Earlier, Park Hae Jin came to Hong Kong to attend his wax figure event. However, he did not have time to sightsee. He likes the food and shops in Hong Kong very much and hopes to stay a little longer. Like other Korean actors, Park Hae Jin grew up watching HK movies. He has been paying attention to HK movies and amongst them, he had watched all the movies of Leslie Cheung screened in the later period. Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt are still his idols. Park Hae Jin even commented, “I often say, if I have the opportunity to work with Stephen Chow, my dream has come true. ” (THE END) .



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Insights on Park Hae Jin… the actor, his ideal type, Song Joong Ki


In an interview of Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong and Kim Min Jung with the Taiwan Media on 19 May 2017, we were able to learn some insight on our man of the hour, Park Hae Jin,  He is currently starring in the JTBC drama Man to Man where he plays as an undercover agent who was assigned as a bodyguard to superstar Yeo Un-gwang.  Here are some of the news sharings:

When asked about his ideal type, Park hae Jin said that he likes quiet girls. [Is it me? 🙂 ] He feels that it is important to meet someone whom he can spend the rest of his life with.  He hopes that in the future, his other half has similar personalities as him, someone who shares similar interest as him and they can have discussion about anything under the sun.

Park Hae Jin revealed he knows Song Joong Ki personally but this was the very first time he worked with him. He praised Song Joong Ki for being a very nice and upright person, and is an excellent actor.  He said that he often pays attention to his works. [Actually really good actors usually pay attention to works of other good actors because they want to learn more, showing humility and appreciation to the works of others.  Lee Jong Suk also does this as he watches works of other actors too.]

Park Sung Woong said that even though Park Hae Jin has now become a Hallyu star, there is no change in him.  He continues to be extremely respectful towards seniors, maintains a very good attitude and also very professional.  He is very happy to work with him again.

Park Sung Woong mentioned that at the beginning, naturally everyone felt a bit awkward.  So after the 1st script reading, they went  drinking together and they became closer and filming became smoother.  H praised Hae Jin for knowing how to socialize.  Even though he doesn’t drink, he would still often attend the gatherings.

As for Kim Min Jung, she said that at the beginning, there was not much time for her to cultivate understanding with Park Hae Jin.  Thus, during shooting, they had meals together and became closer.

source:  http://tw.on.cc/tw/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20170519/bkntw-20170519101437255-0519_04111_001.html

as translated by phj_iloveu IG

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Cheese In The Trap’ Actor Park Hae Jin To Delight Fans With Four Special Treats At Upcoming Event

Park Hae Jin is known for his roles in ‘Cheese in the Trap’ and the spy drama ‘Man to Man.’ (JTBC Drama/YouTube)

Avid Park Hae Jin fans will soon have the chance to mingle with the said South Korean star in a special event. Recently, details of the “Cheese in the Trap” actor’s upcoming Hong Kong meet-and-greet event were unveiled.

Park Hae Jin is set to embark on a fan meeting tour that will have him visiting five Southeast Asian countries. With Hong Kong identified as the first leg of the actor’s special meet-and-greet events, the “Cheese in the Trap” star prepared four special treats for lucky attendees.

The actor will make a special portrayal of his spy role in the JTBC drama “Man to Man” as part of an exclusive fan service for the upcoming Hong Kong event. Park Hae Jin will serve as a personal bodyguard to one of the event’s attendees and escort the lucky fan to take a cab home after the said meet-and-greet, Koreaboo reported.

Apart from the special bodyguard service, Park Hae Jin also prepared an up-and-personal “Goodbye” encounter with lucky fans after the Hong Kong event. Several attendees of the said fan meeting will even have the chance to take a photo with the “Cheese in the Trap” actor, while 100 randomly selected attendees will receive an autographed poster of the South Korean star.

Park Hae Jin’s fan meeting also aims to follow a unique theme to make the event more enjoyable. Dubbed “Jin’s House Party,” the said meet-and-greet session will provide fans the opportunity to have a close encounter with the “Man to Man” star.

In other news, avid viewers of Park Hae Jin’s spy drama “Man to Man” will soon see the special appearances of Song Joong Ki and Namgoong Min in the upcoming episodes 9 and 10, respectively. The “Descendants of the Sun” actor is slated to portray a bank employee for his cameo role in the said JTBC series, while the “Good Manager” star will play a villainous character, Korea Herald reported.

“Man to Man” airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC. Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin will hold his Hong Kong fan meeting on June 24 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

source:  korean portal

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[Updated]How to register to iMBC

This is an updated post of my previous one with the same title.  Please inform me if this isn’t working.  Thank you!

I created this post so I can have it ready for friends who have difficulty registering to the official website of the MBC.  Hope this helps.

Step 1:  Open this url on your address bar:  member.imbc.com/Login/Login.aspx and click on the button before the check mark.  A new page will open.


Step 2:  Click on the button “Domestic and Foreigner Living in Abroad”.  This will take you to the next page.


Step 3:  Click on the buttons beside the check mark. After clicking on the red button below, it will take you to the next page.


Step 4:  On the first box, enter your valid email address.  A notification for the confirmation code will be sent to your email.  It usually arrives fast so don’t click it over and over again as it will generate codes upon each click.  Go to your email address and retrieve the confirmation code.  Enter it into the second box and click on the button next to it.  It means you are confirming your email.  You will be taken to the next page.


Step 5:  A new page will open and you will have to enter the required information.  I have written in english the data needed on the required fields.  When you have successfully fill in all the required data, you will be taken to the next page.


Step 6:  On the new page, you need to click the iMBC button and you will then be taken to the iMBC website and you are now registered!


Enjoy watching!

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Press Conference of [SBS]My Suspicious Partner

It’s the start of May and soon we will be flooded with new drama premieres.  One of those drama is My Suspicious Partner that premiered yesterday, May 11, 2017, with a Mon-Tues slot at 22:00 KST under SBS.  The main leads are Ji Chang Wook (K2, Healer), Kim Jiwon (Heirs), Choi Tae Joon (Missing 9) and Nara.  Ji Chang Wook will play the character of a prosecutor while Nam Ji Hyun will be a prosecutor trainee who works under Ji Chang Wook’s ex-girlfriend who desperately wants to win him back. Choi Tae Joon is a family friend of Ji Chang Wook’s.

Here are the pictures during the recently held press conference held at SBS Mokdong Broadcast Centre in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul at 2:30pm KST.  I had the pictures posted on my IG account (@xxnonskixx). Swipe to see the rest of the images.

credit as tagged

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“That PBY was my leading lady, that entire thing was a burden”

As soon as a drama ends and especially when it had a successful run, the actors would be baraged with a lot of interviews here and there.  I caught this one interview from http://www.mydaily.co.kr and it was in Hangul, fortunately my dongsaeng @stroppyse from Soompi translated this and I was given permission to share this on my blog.  Thank you dongsaeng!


“That Park Bo Young was my leading lady, that entire thing was a burden”

In the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, the ‘actor’ Park Hyung Sik’s performance was judged to have risen a level. It is the first work where he was able to cast off the title of being an idol and was considered to be a true actor. And so, he is now known as ‘new actor’ Park Hyung Sik.


“ From the very beginning, ’Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ was a very burdensome work. The director took me in that state and basically had to raise me. It was to such a degree that he had to drag me out like that. (Comment: He means that he was very nervous, and that the director had to provide a lot of guidance to get his performance.) Having acted while hearing ’try it as you want to do it’, for the first time, I realized that I was able to act like this. It was because there were many seniors actors and a good teacher like Park Bo Young with me. This is the first time that it’s been so much fun while shooting.”

During the interview, Park Hyung Sik used the phrase “feeling burdened” several times. During the broadcast run of ’Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, his response to reporters’ questions was to confess to feeling burdened. When asked “What was such a burden?”, Park Hyung Sik answered “That the actress Park Bo Young was to be my acting partner, that entire thing.”


“Those whom I respect so much, Jo Jung Seok, Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki and other senior (actors), Park Bo Young acted with them. How could someone who was able to match performances with such good actors now be matching her performance to a newbie like me… it wouldn’t be right if I became a big problem for the production, so I felt very burdened by it. And then on the day of the script reading, I also made a mistake. Everyone was very worried, but (Park Bo Young) said to me ’Why are you trying to do it by yourself. Trust the director, trust me, and let’s do it’. Since she grabbed my hand like that, I was able to be more comfortable.” (Comment: He’s talking about PBY metaphorically grabbing his hand to steady and guide him rather than actually taking his hand.) Once his body was able to relax, as if taking to water, Park Hyung Sik was able to start becoming the slick leading male actor Ahn Min Hyuk. Park Bo Young also said in an interview complimenting him “Park Hyung Sk was entirely Ahn Min Hyuk”.

“In about the middle of the drama, I gained some confidence. I think I was able to start becoming more confident when I started going to the director a little less. At the beginning, because of my worrying about the character, I really went to the director a lot. However as I became more confident, without hesitating by myself, I was able to “Go”. (Comment: This means that instead of deliberating and hesitating, not knowing what to do, he was able to take the character and act his scenes out.) In truth, even after that, I asked Bo Young noona once. Whether I was a little better now. Noona answered me with a smile ‘Are you still worrying about things like that’. I liked that matching of our performance very much.


[박형식. 사진 = 김성진 기자 ksjksj0829@mydaily.co.kr]

이승길 기자 winnings@mydaily.co.kr

기사제보 및 보도자료 press@mydaily.co.kr
사진 및 기사 구매 contents@mydaily.co.kr
– NO.1 뉴미디어 실시간 뉴스 마이데일리 (www.mydaily.co.kr)
저작권자 ⓒ 마이데일리. 무단전재&재배포 금지 –

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The Proposal – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

What I love about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is that it did not cheat on important matters that us viewers would appreaciate.  In a very Ahn Min Hyuk fashion, he prepared a very thoughful proposal to Do Bong Soon amidst the lovely sakura trees, it’s petals falling like snow, like blessings for their love.  I hope I’d still be able to make fan arts for this drama after its run.  That remains to be seen. 🙂

Please do not modify/cut/crop/edit.  When reposting, please credit https://nonskishome.wordpress.com/ or http://xxnonskixx.tumblr.com/

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All about Ahn Min Hyuk feels

The whole time that I was watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I found that its strongest point is Ahn Min Hyuk’s unwavering love to Do Bong Soon.  I made a music video hoping to capture all the feels in the song I chose.  Listen, enjoy and share.

No copyright infringement intended.

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The hug and kiss scene fan art – SWDBS

The episodes 11 and 12 proved to be two of the most memorable part of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  Unexpectedly we were treated to a very emotional hug scene in episode 11 of which I have a separate article posted.  On episode 12, we had been waiting and despairing when the kiss would happen.  No worries, we always do that in kdramaland, even as early as episode 1 people would ask when the kiss would be.  It was quite a wait for the Avengers and was pleasantly appeased when Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) and Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) did kiss in episode 12.  Here are my fan arts/wallpapers on these lovely scenes.

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Phone wallpapers inspired from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

After posting the regular wallpapers, someone from Soompi request if I could make phone wallpapers.  These are made so it can fit with the iPhone 6 and & specifications.  I found no problem using it on large display Samsung phones.


Please do not modify/cut/crop/edit.  When reposting, please credit https://nonskishome.wordpress.com/ or http://xxnonskixx.tumblr.com/

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