Ojakgyo Brothers (2011) 오작교 형제들

I had never intended to watch Ojakgyo Brothers.  A Korean family drama offering of KBS shown on weekends timeslot slated for 50 episodes.

Ojakgyo Brothers was already airing at around 15 episodes when I started to pick it up.  It was at that time when I was watching both Protect the Boss and Scent of a Woman and following their live transcaps at Cadence that I heard about OB.  Softy kept talking about it and started a post on the drama.  I had never really imagined myself watching or following a 50-episode long drama but then here I am, quite addicted to it already.  Half-way through the drama, like most people I am so crazy about it already.

It is a weekend family drama.  It is about a family of four brothers living together with their parents and grandma in a farm outside of Seoul.  One of the brothers, Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) fell in love with Baek Je Eun (UEE).  The other brothers are Hwang Tae Shik, Hwang Tae Bum and Hwang Tae Pil.  The story anchors on the concept of family and love.

At the moment, we are following two OTP’s (one true pair) in this drama.  Our Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Je Eun as well as Hwang Tae Bum and Cha Soo Young.  Midway in the drama and our pairs are experiencing the pain and love.  I just hope that they will both have a happy ending.  And who says they won’t?  This is a family drama, we always get the happy!

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