Joo Won Spazzing!

This was just a spontaneous thingy!  I had been following Ojakgyo Brothers, a weekend family drama at KBS and the lead couple got me interested.  They kinda grow on you.  More so with the male lead, actor Joo Won cast as Hwang Tae Hee, attracting us viewers with his presence, good looks and superb acting.  Last night, as we are waiting for the transcaps of OB at Cadence, Softy posted a link from Thundie’s post.  It was all about Joo Won.  That got me spazzing afterwards.  What a girl to do when you’re offered this wonderful present?  All of a sudden I was so inspired to make headers to give to Softy as a thank you for her dedicated work on Ojakgyo Brothers.  So now, here I am posting my works and also posting here some finds i got from Soompi.

This one is taken from Soompi when Joo Won joined the SM’s The Ballad MV (this was also posted at Thundie’s):

Below are headers I made for Softy’s Cadence:

Hope to be able to add more! Anything about Joo Won!

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