My addiction with OB and coffee :)

After getting stranded at a mall, I was frantic to locate a wi-fi hotspot as it is nearing 7pm.  I’m going out of my mind already.  There is free connectivity at the foodcourt but I can’t get through.  I panicked!  Alas! I remembered the Starbucks coffee shop nearby.  I hurriedly walk towards the shop.  I was looking at my celphone’s clock, oh no, it’s nearing 7pm.  Well, guys, 7pm is a crucial time for me since it is the time when my favorite Kdrama will start.  None other than Ojakkyo Brothers.  As soon as I entered Starbucks, went through my way to the cashier and ordered my fave caramel macchiato, which is by the way, the fave coffee of our TaeJa couple in OB.  I located a very conspicous place at the second floor, slightly away from the buzz of the people there… just in case I want to cry, I don’t want other people looking at me.  So there I am, overlooking the highway, sipping my caramel macchiato, streaming OB live and reading Softy’s transcaps.


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1 Response to My addiction with OB and coffee :)

  1. reena says:

    hehe. supah like! :))

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