Latest Works: Fan Art

Here are some fan arts I have made recently.  They were inspired by the currently airing Wed-Thurs dramas.  Well, I am Rooftop Prince biased.  The dramas for Wed-Thurs are Rooftop Prince from SBS, The King 2 Hearts from MBC, The Equator Man shown at KBS and Queen In Hyeon’s Man airing at tvN.  I also made some posters for various upcoming dramas.

Currently Airing Dramas:

The Equator Man

Queen In Hyeon’s Man

Rooftop Prince (My Favorite)

 Upcoming Dramas: 

The highly anticipated Hong Sister’s drama and Gong Yoo’s comeback:  BIG

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul in A Gentleman’s Dignity

So Ji Sub after a long time:  GHOST

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6 Responses to Latest Works: Fan Art

  1. wanzhaf says:

    Owaaa.. you are so talented my friend.. Me? i just love watching with zero of your skill. LOL, but keep the fan art rolling. I will copy paste to my hard drive 🙂
    So many drama to watch. Ahhhh… which one to choose. I havent start anything while i am watching RTP.. once my addiction is over i will start a new one. Haa.. i love Jang Dong Gun (coffee prince?), but i guess i will stay up for Jaejoong’s Dr Jin (which is not in your list 🙂 ) Ghost looks interesting though….

    • nonski says:

      Thanks for posting chingu! Wow! I really did get comment here. Kyah! hahaha…

      Gong Yoo is the one on Coffee Prince, while Jang Dong Gun is on A Gentleman’s Dignity. I was in the process of making Dr. Jin… and I might follow the drama, i love three of the male stars and I am JJ biased. Look out for my upcoming fan art for Dr. Jin. And yes, Ghost is going to be something since the premise is good and well, it’s So Ji Sub.

      chingu, you are free to use my work, just credit when using them online. 🙂

  2. wanzhaf says:

    Oups… sorry for the mix up name. LOL. To tell you the truth, i used to watch a lot of k-drama.. . funny thing though, other than Hyun Bin i can hardly remember their name.. its too confusing. Kekekekeke . I Normally i will google their name, trying to find their background, and after sometime.. they are forgotten… Park Yoochun is of course special case 🙂

    • nonski says:

      frankly i did that before, researching facts about them, but after a while i just gave up and just knew their names… i tried looking for facts about ksh and jyj but stopped, i don;t think i still have that zest for that. 🙂

  3. wanzhaf says:

    Oups… sorry for the mix up name 🙂 Honestly, though i watched a lot of k-drama, i can hardly remember their name.. its too confusing.. let me see how many i can remember offhand:
    Hyun Bin – Secret Garden, My name is Sam Soon
    Kim Soo Hyun (?) – Moon Sun
    Lee Min Ho – BOF, Personal Taste
    The young Min Ho – Revenge of Gumiho, SKKS, RTP
    Seung Gi – Shining Inheritance, My Girlfriend….Gumiho
    Lee Do Wok – My Girl, Scent of Women, Wild Romance
    LOL… who else????

    This does not includes any of JYJ name because they are printed and seal in my brain 🙂

    • nonski says:

      lols chingu, kudos! just one typo… lee dong wok for my girl 🙂

      thanks really for visiting this humble place 🙂

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