What captivated me into the drama called BIG!

This young man, Shin Won Ho, is Kyung Joon on the latest Hong Sisters drama Big.  As much as the drama is highly anticipated by everyone because of Gong Yoo and well, it is by the famous sisters-duo after all.  Episode 10, though I haven’t watched it yet, just reading on recaps.  I don’t know but I have this feeling of dissatisfaction.  It feels like the story is dragging and it gets too long to get into what the writers are tying to say. Or maybe I am just not that quick on this drama.  Anyways, here is one GIF I did sometime when Big started and he is still the one that makes me want to watch the drama, even if it is just his soul.  Of course, no one can deny the Gong Yoo effect on everyone but I am not quite fascinated that much on him, yet.  Though I love him on his previous works.  This might be the only Hong’s drama that has not taken me.


shin won ho as kyung joon

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