Currently Airing: 2012 Fall Korean Dramas

I had my biggest disappointment in my K-drama watching experience this Summer of 2012.  Most had ranged from okay to outright disppointing!  Only Bridal Mask does the deal beautifully.  No, it does more than that… Bridal Mask spells awesome~~~  But my golly, if the 2012 Fall Dramas did not compensate for it.  I even think it’s an over compensation! Haha!

So here are the list of the dramas I cam currently watching and hopefully make GIFs, headers, Fan Arts and banners.

Bridal Mask  – Summer drama but included it here.

Arang and the Magistrate –  awesomeness!

Faith – I just love this.

To The Beautiful You – Lols, would a Hana Kimi fanatic like myself pass the chance to watch this korean remake. Nevah!

GIFs and others of each drama will have a separate post.


[to be updated later]



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