Korean Summer Drama Madness… :)[2013]

Well, I was able post after a long time…

It just goes to say that only the drama that I am truly, deeply and madly hooked can make me go back here.  Although I am updating my tumblr (not really update, but…), I have been neglecting this.    With so much work going on, real life had been so hectic.  Some personal problems came up too.

So during the run of the Korean Summer dramas, I had some that I liked out of the lot.  There are actually three dramas that I really, really love and watching despite the hectic.  The first that I watched was Monstar because it came in first.  Then came I Hear Your Voice and Cruel City also known as Heartless City.

Here are some short info about these dramas.

Monstar 몬스타 — If I am not mistaken, this drama is a collaboration between music cable station Mnet and cable top drama hitter tvN.  The show revolves around the lives of high school students and how music was able to heal their pains and psychological issues.  It stars Yong Joon-Hyung as Yoon Sul-Chan who is the main vocalist of the  popular group “Man in Black”.  Going through various troubles due to his hotheadedness pushed his agency to make him come back to school to become a model student.  It is at school that he was able to met Min Se-Yi (Ha Yeon-Soo) who will make things exciting for Sul-Chan.

I Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려 — A summer drama offering of SBS, I Hear Your Voice is slated for 16 episodes.  Of all that I am watching at the moment, this one makes me feel so anxious every time.  Gah!  It had been a long time since I had last that feeling.  Since this is a Wednesday-Thursday drama, I would always dread that it’s ending after the last hour of Thursday and anxiously wait for the preview.  Previews are usually out on Monday and the most is Tuesday.  Sigh! I just cannot be appeased because once I had seen the prev,  I am all anxious again for Wednesday.  Crazy, right?! Hahaha…

This is the second drama starring Lee Jong Suk that I love so much.  The first was School 2013.  He seems to be in a streak in his career at his young age.

The story is about a young boy Su Ha who met an accident with his father.  It turned out not to be an accident but was an act to kill his father.  During that fateful night, when Su Ha was about to be killed, a young girl named Jang Hye Sung was there to stop the killer.  Su Ha promised to himself to protect the girl no matter what.

10 years later, Su Ha [Lee Jong Suk) is now a high school student with exemplary school records and with it he also carried with him his powers to read minds.

At the same time, Jang Hye Sung [Lee Bo Young] is now a newly hired public defender.  She was hired alongside Cha Kwan-Woo [Yoon Sang Hyun]

The lives of the three main characters will be intertwined when the killer gets out of jail and wreaks havoc in their lives but in the guise of a saint.

Cruel City/Heartless City 무정도시 — This is a cable drama by JTBC.  Lately Korea had been airing really good dramas but is produced by cable companies.  Cruel City stars Jung Kyung Ho [Smile, You] as Shi Hyun who grew up from an orphanage.  It was later that he is involved in the drug business and became known as Paksa or Doctor’s Son.  He is now in charge of a medium scale drug cartel and is eyeing for a higher status in the underground world.  In the chaos of it all, he mets Soo Min [Nam Gyu Ri] who would later make things complicated in all aspects of his life.

*just a note, some of my images contains the logo of the subbing site DarkSmurfSub since those are my works at the site.

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2 Responses to Korean Summer Drama Madness… :)[2013]

  1. sarah_lina says:

    i just watch ihyv..it sound great for cruel city.. i will try watch after ihyv wrapping…

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