All About Shin Hyuk… The perfect second lead.

Rarely was I tempted to ship second leads but MBC’s “She Was Pretty” was an exception.  Although I shipped the main leads real hard, I also fell for the second lead Shin Hyuk played by Siwon.  It’s the last project he had before he was enlisted.  It was also the first time I was able to experience the sadness of sending off someone to the military service (lols!).  I was crazy then.  So back at Shin Hyuk, to me he was the total package, handsome, rich, down-to-earth, loves you so much, a good person, just about sums up perfect.  But then the heart wants what it wants and our childhood sweethearts Sung Joon and Hye Jin, after all the obstacles found each other.  I feel bad for Shin Hyuk even though I totally shipped the main leads and I thought of making a video dedicated to my most favorite second lead!  This was restricted at youtube and I was able to upload it at vimeo.  Enjoy!

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