My latest bias… Yoon Kyun Sang

If one would visit my tumblog, you can see in my About portion the actors that are my biases.  The latest in the list is Yoon Kyun Sang.  When I watched him in Faith i already liked him.  In Pinocchio, he charmed me with how tall and good looking and a good actor to boot he is.  With SBS’ Doctors, I love Yoon Kyun Sang because of his cuteness and how he carried his role so well.  He is not your usual perfect lead like Shin Hyun in She Was Pretty.  What I really like about him as Yoon Do are those cute little gestures and facial expressions he so delicately shows the viewers.  Well, I will post later those gifsets.  I can’t really wait to make them.  I am just so pressed with time at the office.  I even decided to make another side blog dedicated to him alone 🙂


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