Yoon Kyun Sang addresses speculation he has something going on with Lee Sung Kyung


Actor Yoon Kyun Sang talked about his ‘Doctors‘ co-star Lee Sung Kyung in an interview on August 29!  The two have been so close these days that it appears some eyebrows are being raised about their relationship.

Regarding this, he said, “I heard the rumors recently.  But those rumors came about because Lee Sung Kyung and I are so close, so they don’t bother me that much. Lee Sung Kyung is so bright and mischievous.  It’s to the point her nickname is ‘Beagle.’  I likewise play around and receive her jokes, and seeing as how we also act together, I think talk like that is going around.  On top of that, our chemistry in the drama was good.”

He continued complimenting Lee Sung Kyung with, “She’s an actress who is alive and doesn’t doll herself up.  The emotions that came out in the script Lee Sung Kyung was able to bring about in real life to draw out the image of Jin Seo Woo.  We talked a lot about the scenes, and she had a lot of thoughts and concerns.  I often thought she’s a good actress. Unlike her normal beagle-like image, she had many thoughts and concerns about the production. We acted while sharing a lot of discussions.”

By alim17  via allkpop

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