“Be still, my heart” Yoon Kyun Sang Anticipated Interview Part 1


10. Jung Yoon Do was a major character of a developing man who was also innocent but of a cold temperament. Was it hard to portray him?

YKS: The acting was not particularly difficult to portray both characteristics. Working with actors for whom I have good feelings toward in this drama, I was able to convey the sincerity of the character. When I showed a cold visage or when I had to suddenly break down, the other actors in the scene helped me, and when I had to do an emotional scene, then the other actors watched me with warm expressions, so I was able to act naturally.

10. Do you have any regrets regarding Jung Yoon Do’s love when he ultimately ends up alone?

YKS: Rather than regret, I think Yoon Do experiences an admirable love. Yoon Do’s way of loving is to cheer on the love of the person that he likes, but actually, I can’t do that. But, the writer and director made Jung Yoon Do a very cool and admirable character. If the love triangle with Hye Jung and Ji Hong had gone further, it might have made for a more entertaining story, but a lot of dramas have already done that. The Yoon Do in ’Doctors’ was able to openly express his love without expecting it to be returned, he was able to love admirably that way. I envy Yoon Do who is able to love in that way.

10. How similar, really, are Jung Yoon Do and Yoon Kyun Sang?

YKS: I think it is about 80%-100% my visage. When I get angry, I get cold also, but when I’m with people I’m comfortable with, I can also be fragile. Not just with ’Doctors,’ but every character I take on has a part of me in him.

10. As immersed as you were in the drama, that must have made finishing that much harder.

YKS: Whenever I finish a work, letting that character go is difficult. Whether it is loved or less loved makes little difference. I like the character so much myself, that after being him for awhile, it is difficult to suddenly let him go. After finishing ’Six Dragons,’ I really felt that. This time, I’m also very afraid. I don’t know how I’ll debrief afterwards. Rather than missing the character itself, I miss the set environment and the director, the staff, everything all together.  I think I’m going to miss the ‘Doctors’ team too much. Like Yoon Do, I’m going to try to say goodbye admirably. (smile)


10. Among Jung Yoon Do’s lines, is there a particular line that you’ve kept in your heart?

YKS: His final lines were the most deeply significant. Telling his uncle not to denigrate one-sided loves, there is a scene where he says ’In the world, anything that contains the word “love” is better to do than not do”, but I liked the line so much that I wanted to deliver them properly. I changed the lines slightly so that it would be more comfortable for me to say. Fortunately, many people said that they were touched and liked it. ( My comment – I loved the last scene with Yoon Do and Pa Ran as well, and remember this line clearly.)

10. Were you moved by that line as well?

YKS: Absolutely. Truthfully, when you’re having a hard time with love, drinking and telling someone else about it, you don’t actually hear what the other person says anyway. How heavy and deep that love is, only the person going through it actually knows. Saying that about one sided love to his teasing uncle feels like a cool thing to do, and it made me think again about the emotions regarding love.

10. In your next work, isn’t there any sweet romantic acting?

YKS: I want to try it. When I was asked about this before, I said I was afraid of it. Back then, it was something I had not done yet. This time with ‘Doctors,’ being able to show a passionate love, I now think I want to try a work where love happens. (My comment – Next time, he wants to get the girl.)

10. Is there an actress that you would want to work with?

YKS: There aren’t any actresses in particular, but it would be good if she has a lot of aegyo and is mischievous. Since there needs to be a light atmosphere in order to love, it would be good to get close and develop rapport. Also, so that it will be comfortable on the shooting set, I hope it would be an actress with whom I could play around together while shooting.

via http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1005479

as translated by @stroppyse at soompi

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