‘Doctors’ Yoon Kyun Sang “It’s time for a drama that people watch because of me” Interview Part 2


10. Immediately after ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ you started shooting ‘Doctors.’ Wasn’t that hard?

YKS: Actually, there was no real time to rest before I started shooting. Before, during the time I had to rest I would try to sleep and eat properly. Since I would suddenly get rest time, I would forget how to rest. (smile) After finishing ’Six Dragons’, since I was suddenly releasing all tensions, I got a cold and the flu. I rested for a moment before started shooting ‘Doctors’, but it was different from an action scene filled sageuk since it was a technical subject drama so there wasn’t much moving around so I was able to rest and my body was comfortable.

10. From a warrior to a doctor, were there any difficulties in changing between such different types?

YKS: It was very difficult. Thinking about going from acting as Moo Hyul for 10 months to within a month acting as Jung Yoon Do, I worried a lot about it. Also, I thought there would be a lot of difficult medical terms in a doctor’s profession. Going from a sageuk to a modern day drama is hard enough, learning technical dialogue made me feel it would be even more difficult. Still, being on the set, shooting happily while smiling made me forget those worries quickly.

10. The works that you’ve finished. Do you have any comparisons?

YKS: I don’t think about choosing any work as being particularly good. All of the stories and characters develop their best points so that the viewers will like them.  Altogether (the favorably tending viewers) were sympathetic and seemed to like them.

10. It seems that you were lucky in dramas and lucky in actresses.

YKS: Shin Hye isn’t someone who only makes friends to better herself. During ‘Pinocchio’ she was friendly and smiling with me. This time we became closer so she became even more supportive. When I look at that, I think that I am very fortunate with my friends. (smile)


10. With this drama, was there any scenes that were difficult for you to digest?

YKS: The first scene where I became ruined was the hardest. It’s the scene I like the best, but at that time I worried a lot about how far to carry my distress. It was a scene which had a situation where not only did I not save Shin Hye, I had to receive her help to my embarrassment, and then running down the stairs, Park Shin Hye shows me her fighting skills which shocks me into instantly becoming a “total wimp.” (smile) During that time, how much difference between the images, and whether if the reaction was too strong, that would be a hindrance to the character, was something I considered a lot. However, whether cold Yoon Do or warm Yoon Do, I acted so that it wouldn’t look like Yoon Kyun Sang.

10. Even as Jung Yoon Do did, Yoon Kyun Sang also through ‘Doctors’ able to show his best.

YKS: Since this was the first time doing a technical subject drama, I studied a lot. Preparing for it was not easy. There were many doctors involved so there were a lot of meetings, and since they were also watching us to see how we handled the surgeries, we set it up and acted as if they were real surgeries. All the advisors helped us, and while acting, together with Shin Hye, Rae Won hyung, and Min Seok, we learned a lot.

10. Was there a good relationship with Kim Rae Won?

YKS: Rae Won hyung is my wannabe. (My comment – so someone that YKS wants to emulate). He is an actor that I really wanted to meet at least once. Actually, as a man, we watch Kim Rae Won movies many times. I liked Rae Won hyung’s works so much, that when we first met, I was shaking. But, since we watched each other and became close, he is a very comfortable person to be around. He helped a lot with acting advice and cared for me always, so I was able to comfortably act. He was really a lot of help.

10. Satisfaction with ’Doctors’?

YKS: No matter which work I do, I’m never 100% satisfied with it. While viewing the scenes on the monitor, it shows regrettable parts, and even when it’s Jung Yoon Do by himself, there can be a regrettable result. (smile) But still, it’s on the satisfying side. I am working hard so that I can show an even more satisfying acting.

10. The side of you that you want to show in the future?

YKS: I have to think about what I can do well as an actor. For the time being, I am going to think while I rest. Since ’Doctors’ had Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, that’s why people thought they wanted to watch it. I want to become like that as well. My goal is to become an actor who can hear that “this is a character that only Yoon Kyun Sang do”, and “because it has Yoon Kyun Sang in it, people absolutely want to watch it.”


via http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1005628

as translated by @stroppyse from soompi


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