Yoon Gyoon-sang, “Lee Jong-suk, Byeon Yo-han and Kim Rae-won are precious friends”

Actor Yoon Gyoon-sang has been working non-stop in “Faith”, “Gabdong – The Serial Killer“,“Pinocchio”, “Six Flying Dragons” and “Doctors”.

He’s been on the run for his dreams.

On the way he’s met special people and they are Lee Jong-suk, Byeon Yo-han and Kim Rae-won.

Yoon Gyoon-sang said, “I think I have a special connection with Lee Jong-suk. I starred in “Pinocchio”with him and also the movie “No Breathing”. We were brothers in “Pinocchio”“.

“I was worried at first that I had such a big role and I was scared. Lee Jong-suk was of much help to me. He told me to do things I thought was right”.

Lee Jong-suk and Byeon Yo-han sent a coffee truck to Yoon Gyoon-sang‘s work place, just to show their support.

Yoon Gyoon-sang said, “This was the first time I ever got a coffee truck from a fellow actor. It was different from getting a coffee truck from fans. It showed me how much support they had for me. I was very happy”.

He met Kim Rae-won in “Doctors”. “He asked me recently how old I was and he said I looked older than I am because I am more mature than my age. He told me I had a mind like the ocean and I felt touched”.

“Doctors” is the story of Yoo Hye-jeong and Hong Ji-hong reuniting as doctors and experiencing the love of their lives. The drama ended in over 20%.

Yoon Gyoon-sang took on the role of Jeong Yoon-do, a nasty but soft hearted doctor. He was born and raised in a wealthy family but he’s been scarred due to family matters. He is strong but weak at the same time.

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