[NEWS ARTICLE] OSEN TALK – ‘ 3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village 3 ‘ PD Na Young Seok “Eric Is Good At Cooking Than I Think”.


The first recording of tvN ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Fillage 3’ has successfully finished. PD Na Young Seok said his satisfaction for the tree persons, Lee Seo Jin, Eric, Yoon Kyun Sang who experienced their first island life staying for 3 days 2 night started from September 23rd to 25th in Deukryangdo, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, “We had a wonderful time recording, it couldn’t get any better than this”
Lee Seo Jin who, this time, is facing the island village not the mountain district in Gangwon-do, Eric who has
never once been in a tv show alone without Shinhwa members, the same goes to Yoon Kyun Sang who adavanced to a “newbie of entertainment show”, the expectations of the newly formed members are already high.
Before the first recording, PD Na Young Seok revealed to OSEN “Everything that Eric does is an art.  Lee Seo Jin might just order around. Since Eric has been living alone for a long time, seems like he’s also good at cooking.  Looks like he normally eats the foods he cooks at home too. At the end, Eric might be the one who will do both cooking and fishing.”
PD Na Young Seok revealed his thoughts. After the first filming, Na PD told OSEN “It’s the first filming, and because there are people who are new to tv show, I didnt have high expectations, but it was done more successfully than I think.” He added, “Lee Seo Jin is the same… and Eric is good at cooking than I think. Yoon Kyun Sang made everyone shocked with his physical strength. The whole set atmosphere was so fun.” he expressed his satisfaction for the new members.

The three people are scheduled to visit Deukryangdo for few more times in the future. There’s a plan to unravel many curiousities for this season of ‘3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village 3’ through a press conference before the first broadcast. The first broadcast will take place on October 14th.

[사진] E&J엔터테인먼트 제공, OSEN DB.

source : Osen
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