I discovered a gem… Star of the Universe


I love this moment.  Despite the subtlety in their actions, the feelings between these two is shown in this picture with such earnestness.  I can feel how Woo Joo (Exo’s Suho) feel, the sadness and the feeling of not wanting to let go.  Hana’s (Ji Woo) feeling is very visible, of how she wants to go without regrets, for going with a purpose, for going because of love.

Star of the Universe 우주의 (Woojooui Byuli) is all about love, hope, second chances, sacrifices, destiny and fate, our interconnection in this universe.

The laughter and tears that I shed for this mini-drama makes it very memorable for me.  After being on hiatus for almost three months due to my illness, I came back because I really want to post something about Star of the Universe or otherwise known as Universe’s Star.  The writer Kim Ji Hyun did it again.  I love her works so far with Splash Splash Love prior to Star of the Universe.  The theme is so common but it’s the refreshing way that she writes her thing that makes it something you’d want to watch all over again.  One of those dramas you’d never know the FF button existed.  When you want other dramas to just freakin’ end already, you’d want this one to extend even for just two more episodes.  That’s the charm of mini-dramas, when they are so good you’d be inclined to ask for more while if they are bad, you are thankful of the limited number of episodes. Star seems just right but because of my greed, I would want it longer, maybe elaborate on some scenes, whatever. 🙂

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2 Responses to I discovered a gem… Star of the Universe

  1. Urnaa says:

    I love this drama. I love this moment too.

    • nonskishome says:

      thank you so much for loving this drama and for commenting. I think this moment was the highlight of the show. 🙂

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