The scene that brought me to tears

I am currently watching The Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, a JTBC drama that airs every Friday and Saturday 11pm KST.  Park Bo Young plays the iconic Dobong Soon who lives in Dobong-dong in Dobong-gu.  She is a girl who have a special power where she was gifted super strength.  The male lead is played by Park Hyung Sik, a part of the boy-band ZE:A.  He plays a self-made chaebol who owns a very successful gaming company, Ainsoft.  In a twist of fate, they met each other and was forced to cohabitate.  This leads to hijinks and a lot more but the drama is not just pure fun there are moments just like the one I will post.  It’s about the comment I posted at Soompi.  This is about the hug scene in Episode 11 which is to me is one of the greatest points in the show so far.

It totally connected to me emotionally.  Believe it or not, everytime I rewatched the hug scene, I tear or two would fall. I dunno why but it’s just that everytime I did the emotional connect was there. 

MH saw her already, must have observed her before coming near her, how she has eyes castdown and obviously feeling disappointed and yeah someone stood up with. Then he approached her, with those eyes looking at her, angry, hurt and accusing, yes I feel those accusing eyes.  It’s as if those eyes are asking her how dare you feel sad when I am just here, for you, loving you.  How dare you think of another man when I had just confessed to you? HOw daw dare you sit there alone when I was there inside waiting for you, waiting for you to come to me so I could love you?  Those eyes looking at her like that makes me very sad. He already had a feeling that he’s inching his way to her but with her leaving like that and going to GD, it makes him feel once more insecured of his position in her life.  Did he really? (We know he did but then he isn’t sure about that yet at this point in time.)

Then in a classic AMH fashion his eyes flickers and the emotions changed. With those fluid round obs looking at him, MH expressive eyes turns into a teasing one as he teases her of her looking like someone who got stood up by a mediocre man and then moved by a handsome man showing up. BS looks up at him with those sad eyes as if to concur and just lowers down her eyes, as if saying Yes I am. 

Once again, he’s offering himself to here.  It touches my heart how he begs for her to like him back.  It’s written all over his face. When BS hesitated, I cried, not because she doesn’t like him back but because she is afraid.  Earlier she had been thinking how he always got hurt beside her.  She told him that she’s different.

MH was angry with the question.  Like she has to ask that.  The twitching of his jaws tells it all.  Then his voice ever so low tells her “What does it matter?”.  The reaching out to her, his eyes pleading to take his hands.  When she hesitated still… he took that STEP closer and pulls her to him. Oh it was so glorious, that hug.  BS is so tiny inside his arms but she fits perfectly and that’s where the arms that she belongs to. In his arms she was holding back still but the flood of emotions being inside the arms of this wonderful man just overcame her and she hugged him back.  The pure joy in MH’s face is just so perfect and priceless.  There is contentment and peace and happiness written all over it.  And it just made a tear fall down my face again.  

These two are old souls looking for their soulmates and now they found each other.”

I hope that many more people will show their love for this show.

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