[Updated]How to register to iMBC

This is an updated post of my previous one with the same title.  Please inform me if this isn’t working.  Thank you!

I created this post so I can have it ready for friends who have difficulty registering to the official website of the MBC.  Hope this helps.

Step 1:  Open this url on your address bar:  member.imbc.com/Login/Login.aspx and click on the button before the check mark.  A new page will open.


Step 2:  Click on the button “Domestic and Foreigner Living in Abroad”.  This will take you to the next page.


Step 3:  Click on the buttons beside the check mark. After clicking on the red button below, it will take you to the next page.


Step 4:  On the first box, enter your valid email address.  A notification for the confirmation code will be sent to your email.  It usually arrives fast so don’t click it over and over again as it will generate codes upon each click.  Go to your email address and retrieve the confirmation code.  Enter it into the second box and click on the button next to it.  It means you are confirming your email.  You will be taken to the next page.


Step 5:  A new page will open and you will have to enter the required information.  I have written in english the data needed on the required fields.  When you have successfully fill in all the required data, you will be taken to the next page.


Step 6:  On the new page, you need to click the iMBC button and you will then be taken to the iMBC website and you are now registered!


Enjoy watching!

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8 Responses to [Updated]How to register to iMBC

  1. yongzura says:

    Thanks for the information. It was quite challenging. I got stuck on the first page first because I didn’t see the “tick” that you drew on the first picture. But the toughest is during registration for the ID… it keeps rejecting the one that I’ve chosen.. ha ha. After a while I managed to register it. TQ.

  2. Ibtihal says:

    Thanks for your help, but I guess it’s just isn’t working for me at all, it’s soo frustrating..
    The problem is that after I enter my email, it shows that the verification number has been sent, but when I open my outlook mail box, it isn’t there..

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