Insights on Park Hae Jin… the actor, his ideal type, Song Joong Ki


In an interview of Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong and Kim Min Jung with the Taiwan Media on 19 May 2017, we were able to learn some insight on our man of the hour, Park Hae Jin,  He is currently starring in the JTBC drama Man to Man where he plays as an undercover agent who was assigned as a bodyguard to superstar Yeo Un-gwang.  Here are some of the news sharings:

When asked about his ideal type, Park hae Jin said that he likes quiet girls. [Is it me? 🙂 ] He feels that it is important to meet someone whom he can spend the rest of his life with.  He hopes that in the future, his other half has similar personalities as him, someone who shares similar interest as him and they can have discussion about anything under the sun.

Park Hae Jin revealed he knows Song Joong Ki personally but this was the very first time he worked with him. He praised Song Joong Ki for being a very nice and upright person, and is an excellent actor.  He said that he often pays attention to his works. [Actually really good actors usually pay attention to works of other good actors because they want to learn more, showing humility and appreciation to the works of others.  Lee Jong Suk also does this as he watches works of other actors too.]

Park Sung Woong said that even though Park Hae Jin has now become a Hallyu star, there is no change in him.  He continues to be extremely respectful towards seniors, maintains a very good attitude and also very professional.  He is very happy to work with him again.

Park Sung Woong mentioned that at the beginning, naturally everyone felt a bit awkward.  So after the 1st script reading, they went  drinking together and they became closer and filming became smoother.  H praised Hae Jin for knowing how to socialize.  Even though he doesn’t drink, he would still often attend the gatherings.

As for Kim Min Jung, she said that at the beginning, there was not much time for her to cultivate understanding with Park Hae Jin.  Thus, during shooting, they had meals together and became closer.


as translated by phj_iloveu IG

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