[051917]Park Hae Jin interview with Hongkong Daily


This is a translations by @phj_iloveu on Instagram and posted here with full credit and consent by translator.

“When being asked if he becomes more understanding towards his bodyguards that protect him in real life after filming Man x Man, Park Hae Jin laughed, “My bodyguards are like my brothers and family members. They are the ones that most look forward to me starring as Kim Seol Woo. But they are of not much help to me acting this character because in this drama, Kim Seol Woo is a special agent disguised as a bodyguard. However, I did learn from them the correct and polite way of addressing clients and the proper way to open car doors.”

Park Hae Jin’s performance in the drama had received praises. However, he was modest and said his performance is only worth 60 marks. He said, “I have never been satisfied with my works. I really cannot appraise my ownself but I would say around 60 marks? I always feel that I can do even better. “


“Park Hae Jin went to Hungary Budapest for 3 weeks of overseas shooting. He ate well and slept well there. He said, “The working hours there during filming have to adhere to strict rules. Thus, we had to have our meals punctually and abide by the shooting rules and requirements. I was surprised. Actually, from filming perspective, this is a normal schedule. But in Korea, the situation is completely opposite. Due to the tight schedule, not only the actors but the shooting crew also can’t have decent rest and sleep. Thus, we were all very pleased to be able to work together in a better environment. Normally, overseas shooting is challenging and schedule is very tight as we have to complete shooting within the limited time as per plan. But this time, the whole shooting process was full of happiness and thrill. ” .

.Park Hae Jin said the first shooting location is very dusty and the second location is really a prison where the real prisoners were imprisoned. Although Park Hae Jin did not talk to them, but being at close proximity with these burly overseas prisoners was an unforgettable experience for him. Park Hae Jin further revealed that the prison officers that appeared in the drama are all real prison officers. Hence, viewers may feel that they are so realistic.”

“Earlier, Park Hae Jin filmed “Cheese in the Trap” which is of romance genre. This time round, he is filming another drama with heavy masculine flavour following Bad Guys. He said he personally prefers filming movies and dramas with masculine flavour. However, when reading new scripts, there is no special preference for a particular type. He will take up the project if it is suitable for him. As he had acted many roles before, now he would like to act as an ordinary person. He said, “I am keen on acting as a lonely and timid person, like a real story that often appears in our normal daily lives. If I could put down all the burden to narrate a story relating to happenings in our daily lives, I would definitely gain alot from it. “

Earlier, Park Hae Jin came to Hong Kong to attend his wax figure event. However, he did not have time to sightsee. He likes the food and shops in Hong Kong very much and hopes to stay a little longer. Like other Korean actors, Park Hae Jin grew up watching HK movies. He has been paying attention to HK movies and amongst them, he had watched all the movies of Leslie Cheung screened in the later period. Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt are still his idols. Park Hae Jin even commented, “I often say, if I have the opportunity to work with Stephen Chow, my dream has come true. ” (THE END) .



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