SBS funE Interview with Park Hae Jin on June 08, 2017

JTBC’s drama Man to Man will end this week and its main actor, Park Hae Jin had been through with a lot of interviews lately.  Recently, this was the interview by Hae Jin with SBS funE.  This was translated by @haejinspired (IG) and was allowed for reposting.  Read and discover Park Hae Jin!  Enjoy!


As he is sitting waiting for the interview, he takes a teabag out and puts in the hot water cup in front of him. He’s asked what tea it is. It is apple tea. He likes the taste so he orders some online on the spot. He says if you order it in the cafe its 5000 won, but you can order 25 bags for 14900 won. Almost 600 won each. And he laughs like he has made a huge victory.
This is the person he is. Where ever he is he shines as a Hallyu star in the spotlight. In ManXMan he plays a multi-talented agent who does all sort of awesome things but in reality, he is someone who knows how to be happy over a cheap teabag.
That’s why talking to Park Hae Jin always makes me happy. When he talks about his works, he is a professional who talks better than anyone, and when he talks about daily matters, you don’t feel the inevitable distance one feels when talking to a star. If he doesn’t feel like a ‘next door opal’ , he surely feels like a ‘next door star’.
I had a straightforward truthful conversation with him about ManXMan.


Q: Just 2 episodes have remained. It’s pre-produced so you have finished shooting. It’s nearly finished but there seems to have remaining impressions.
A: After shooting finished I was happy and sad. Shall I say it felt like leaving a beloved partner? I think I am deeply attached to Kim Seol Woo. I was always happy while working. It’s still airing so I don’t feel like it’s finished but most of it has already aired so I feel sad.
Q: Is there a special reason for this attachment to Kim Seol Woo?
A: Right when I received the script I felt he was a charming character and when I analysed him my attachment grew. Although after playing character for a while you begin to love them but Kim Seol Woo was a little different. If I say that it feels like I have acted those characters in the past, this time he was so similar to me in his normal self that I could say I was playing myself. So without any decorations, I acted very comfortably.
Q: It seems that you and Kim Seol Woo are very much similar.
A: Really very much. It is difficult for me to express tickling material so I somehow lack the confidence to act melo scenes. Kim Seol Woo’s normal images except the melo parts, for example the scenes where I am with Yeo Woon Gwang or Lee Dong Hyun my own self comes out a lot. So I enjoyed acting and it felt fresh.


Q: What do you mean you have no confidence? Can someone who makes women waver with just the look in his eyes say that? (laughs)
A: It’s not a genre I can do well. If I can choose, it’s not a theme I would choose to do. I can’t do ticklish stuff well and I don’t like it either. When I am at home I play with my niece and nephew well but strangely I don’t like cheesy stuff. But it doesn’t mean I won’t do melo. I can do it well if I am asked to do it. (Laughs)
Q: So in this work too, more than melo. Were you eager for comedy and Bromance?
A: Witty melo, even if I don’t show it, can be awesomely created by the overall atmosphere, good background music and camera movements and alike. But the comedy parts are not like that. The actor has to make up a lot for it. So I studied about reactions a lot. Also acting with men is fun and easy. At the location I talked with Sung Woong hyung and Man Shik hyung about what to do to make it a little funnier and while we were shooting we talked a lot and worked comfortably so it was nice. They are very good hyungs. We even had ticklish chats about missing each other after the shooting was over. While shooting with hyungs lots of funny situations happened and we had many NGs too. Shooting was that much fun.


Q: The Bromace of Kim Seol Woo and other men was created like that, it wasn’t over-done, and was an impressive comedy.
A: I didn’t directly act in a funny way. There were small comedy episodess. I like black comedy of Stephen Chow or slap-stick comedy. And I think I have been able to show such like things. I liked that I could show this different image of Park Hae Jin.
Q: If you don’t have confidence in melo, what are the features you have confidence in and want to do?
A: I haven’t been asked to do it but I have confidence in comedy. Also I have done many rational characters, but if asked I think I can do emotional warm characters well too. I also want to act with kids. Not works in which the kid is kidnapped or alike, but a work with warm feelings.


Q: ManXMan was pre-produced so it must have been easy for you to watch the first broadcast.
A: At the airing time, I took 2 mobiles in my hands. With one I checked the broadcast and with the other the netizen’s real time reactions. I was proud when the reaction was good regarding a hard-shot scene, and I paid attention to objective judgments. I could see the real feelings of viewers through this drama.
Q: You have been casted as Yoo Jung Sonbae in CITT movie just like the drama. How is the atmosphere?
A: Out of 40 parts we have almost shot 30. I think the shooting would finish at the end of this month. The atmosphere of the shooting location is very good. All the actors and the director are around the same age so we are all sympathetic towards each other. (he means they understand each other well). We are working very comfortably.
Q: Don’t you feel pressured as you are acting the same role as in the drama?
A: Of course I do. I have to enact a lot of characters in the future, so I had doubts about enacting the same character, too. But I thought about it as my last homework. I had regrets because I couldn’t satisfy (the viewers) 100% with the drama. With this movie I want to respond to the expectations a little more. I will work hard to meet the audience with a good work.


Q: After CITT movie you are confirmed to play in Saja which is to be aired on SBS. Aren’t you working too hard?
A: I have come to this point always working without any rest. I have to work while I can. I will keep working with no rest in the future too. It’s not like works are given to me all the time. I think it is right for an actor to go forward with a work if he can and has the ability.
Q: If you just work like that, don’t you think you won’t be able to date? A few days ago I saw you say “I don’t think I can get married even by 40” on Let’s Eat Dinner Together.
A: It has been quite a while since I dated. I would be happy if I could get married before the first digit of my age changes. But it just won’t go as one wishes. In the past I wanted to get married fast coz I like children, now that I have lived with my niece and nephew, now I want to have children a little later. I thought as someone who works as a celebrity I needed to have a close life, I would like it if I could have a lot of time together with the person who will be my wife. While having our two-some times we can have plans about having children, and I have decided to respect my wife’s idea about the number of children.

Q: I have heard that you want to watch the last episode of ManXMan with fans. It must be a new type of experience.
A: It is the first time I watch the last episode of a drama I have played, along with more than a 1000 fans. I have a very strange feeling. I usually let go of the character I have played alone, but doing it with 1000 fans together is a very meaningful experience. I also feel embarrassed. I am thankful that I can bring a work I have happily done to an end together with fans.

[인터뷰]”멜로보다 자신있어”…박해진, 코미디를 꿈꾸는 한류스타 .

translated by: @haejinispired (IG)


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