Let’s Not Forget…

“Let’s not forget!”
The reason why Park Hae Jin wore the Saewol commemorative ribbon for 3 years.



There are examples of how a small invisible act can have multiplied effect and this is Park Hae Jin’s story. In an official occasion he appeared wearing a yellow ribbon. Although small, it has become his steady practice. Park Hae Jin’s wearing the Saewol commemoration bracelet during the past 3 years has been drawing attention both inside and outside the entertainment industry.

In the 33rd episode of the webtoon (titled That day, that place) that is written by writer Hyesso and released on his fan site, Club Jin’s, the real reason behind his practice was revealed. It is a webtoon that talks about his real life and thoughts.

According to the webtoon his wearing the bracelet was in order not to forget about the lost students. For 3 years after the Saewol disaster, he always had the bracelet on his wrist to remember the victims and a disaster that should never happen again in his own way. He wanted to do something beside donation and watch thinking of a way of his own. Although it was limited to 3 years but as the tragedy is not over yet, he will keep wearing the ribbon and not the bracelet from now on.

Park Hae Jin who deeply sympathised with the victims of Saewol tragedy, conveyed his thoughts actively that this tragedy must not be forgotten.
Considering the fact that there is still a large number of celebrities who are passive in regards to social issues, someone’s steady practice can become a good example. Celebrities who say they want to give back the love they have received, can make a huge effect by practicing small acts. Being beside people does not necessarily mean doing something grand. A well-meant sincerity can surely affect someone.

“Let’s not forget!”
The reason why Park Hae Jin wore the Saewol commemorative ribbon for 3 years

translations by:  @haejinspired IG
source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0002733665

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