Park Hae Jin’s Secret to Good Health


[NEWS] 170602 “No to drinking alcohol” ‘Man-to-man’ Park Hae-jin, king of self-management

Pictures of Park Hae Jin’s unusual skin care during the filming of JTBC drama ‘Man-to-Man (MAN x MAN)’ were revealed. .

The photos that were released through his agency show the scene of the pre-production drama ‘Man to Man’ that is being broadcasted, and Park Hae-jin was carrying his tea in his hand anytime and anywhere.

Park, who was unable to sleep properly due to a tight schedule of shooting day and night, was often told to go to sleep after drinking tea.

After completing ‘Man-to-Man’ filming, Park joined the movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ filming immediately, and after the film is wrapped up, he will start preparing for his next drama ‘Four Men’.

Park’s secret to good health is his thorough self – management. He does not enjoy drinking alcohol, and he is trying to keep himself in top condition by managing diverse exercises and diet during shooting.

Through such thorough self-management, Park Hae Jin is able to unleash his Asia fan meetings, ‘Cheese in the Trap’ movie, coming drama ‘Four Men’ and various commercials in addition to drama ‘Man to Man.’

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