[eNews Interview]A Born Actor, stealing the hearts of many

Park Hae Jin, ‘A born Actor’ who has stolen hearts with his unchanging attitude during the past 12 years
Actor Park Hae Jin has not changed at all. Both at the time of his debut and even now after more than 10 years, he was and still is warm and modest. His unique personality, his extremely caring nature towards his opponents, have made lots of people stay beside him.

What is surprising more than anything else is that in spite of his huge fame, he has still kept his good manners just like in the past with no exception. In the world of today where rising changes people, he steals people’s hearts with his uniqueness.

Thanks to this fact, Park Hae Jin has gained favorable reviews and good results from every work he has starred in. ‘ManXMan’, JTBC Fri/Sat Drama that ended on the 10th, is of course the same. Through this drama Park Hae Jin showed off a colourful acting with splendid action, spectacular spy story and heart-pounding romance and impressed the viewers. “Although there were lots of difficulties in shooting ‘ManXMan’, we worked well happily. The director and writer and staff were all so good, things went exceptionally well. After finishing it I felt really proud.”

He did not hide happiness about how well they have wrapped up ‘ManxMan’. This project will surely become another unforgettable project to him.

Actually ‘ManxMan’ received a hot interest both before and while being broadcasted. It is because this 100% pre-produced drama with locations in Hungary, was a collaboration between ‘The Decedents of the Sun’s writer, Kim Win Seok, ‘Remember’s director, Lee Chang Min and the best ever staff. “Through this project I could show that the actor Park Hae Jin has this colour, too. To be honest, actors are mostly tall and handsome so it wouldn’t have made a different whoever played this role. From this aspect, Kim Seol Woo was a charming enough character.” (laughs)

As an actor, Park Hae Jin is quite greedy. He truly wishes to meet not a character that needs a tall height or a hot appearance or a shining spot, but a colourful character via which he can show ‘the actor Park Hae Jin’.  From this viewpoint ‘ManxMan’s Kim Seol Woo was yet another challenging transformation for him.

Of course just like how big expectations of ManxMan had been, the pressure had not been small.

“There have been times that I thought how many of the works I have appeared in have met expectations. But I always think that at least I have not failed. Regardless of the ratings, if I can show myself enough through the character, that’s satisfactory. Actually ratings are in God’s hands. It’s not like they will turn out well if you use the right trick. Although I’d like it if ManxMan had done better, I am grateful for this result.”

‘ManXMan’s 1st episode started with 4.1% (Nielsen Korea) and got an average of 3% rating. The last episode got 4%, and the highest by-the-minute rating was 5.2%. This is a successful result.

After finishing ‘ManXMan’ I am now shooting CITT movie. Although there are people who say you’re working with no rest, I am the happiest when I work. While I am even 1 year younger (laughs) I want to show the actor Park Hae Jin with more projects. That’s my wish.”

He says “Park Hae Jin = work”. For Park Hae Jin who is writing his life with acting, the name ‘Actor’ is like an inseparable fate. It would be pleasant to look forward to the activities of the actor Park Hae Jin who lives hidden beside us through his colourful projects.
[인터뷰] 박해진, 12년간 변함없는 인간성으로 마음 훔친 ‘천생배우’

translated by: haejinspired


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