[Interview]Portrayal of Multi-faceted Characters

From Bad Guys to CITT and ManXMan, Park Hae Jin has portrayed many double sided poisonous characters.

I hope it’s not a difficult heavy drama. Although I thought of the Bourne series but I hope it would be closer to 007.  I thought of Seol Woo and it would be nice if he would be a charming man who’s gentle and witty and fun but he had to have a weakness. If he’d be too perfect you won’t be attracted to him.

I didn’t have many heavy scenes with Jang Hyun Seok and Jong Man Shik Hyung. While having cozy chats with Min Jung Noona a lot of different aspects of Seol Woo were revealed and I heard the hyungs saying so Hae Jini has these different aspects too and it felt good.


In the past when I acted double sided characters, I thought, “Am I weird?”.   I even thought I was crooked. One day, looking at myself on the screen I realised that I had 2 faces. My left and right profile are very different. One side is looks kind and the other side is sharp. In shooting, I use them on purpose. At first It was appealing to the crew as well. (laughs).

Action scenes are difficult but pleasurable. In the past I was afraid but through this drama I came to think that I can do action scenes too. Hitting or being hit one-sidedly is easy but when you have to ‘give and take’ its difficult. Although we have practiced, when we did it, it was fun and when I saw the result I was proud.

It’s been a while since we finished shooting. I felt very good and was happy and had fun. Even director Lee who was very strict during shooting shed tears. He said he was sorry because I couldn’t eat well during shooting (he became 68 kilos while shooting). Writer Kim cried too… I think that is how much they felt toward ManxMan. Being on the same page, we happily ended the shooting. (laughs)


source: naver   translated by:  haejinspired

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