[Interview]Working with Park Sung Woong


This was the first time I am shooting scenes together with Sung Woong hyung.  In East of Eden we had no scenes together. But I had many scenes with Hyungsoo (meaning brother’s wife) Shin Eun Jung Noona so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel like she was a stranger.

When I was told I was going to work with Hyung I really liked it. I also thought the character matched him very well. I thought that because of the image you see in the drama it wouldn’t be difficult and it was really good. In reality it was like we were family.
The age difference was a lot so I liked it. I mean I could pour some aegyo too like I was spoilt.  If it was one or two years it could have been difficult but it was almost 10 years so it was good.

The day Song Joong Gi ssi came to the set, Hyung had a musical performance.  (I think it was the musical The Bodyguard).   Hyung was in a hurry and kept making NGs.  He made so many NGs unlike the usual shooting days that Director Lee told him that you can’t do this now when we have a guest.
[팝인터뷰②]박해진 “박성웅, 신은정 덕에 친근했다”

translated by:  haejinspired

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