Park Hae Jin… a chic Hallyu star or a confused dummy?!

Park Hae Jin “A chic Hallyustar? At home an extremely easily confused dummy”
Park Hae Jin is shooting CITT movie these days. Last year he acted in the drama version which caused a syndrome and his becoming Yoo Jung once more is highly anticipated by fans. Of course it’s not uncommon for an actor to play the same role again. Still Yoo Jung has another meaning for Park Hae Jin that made him make this choice. His hint to us was “becoming faithful to the original character”.
“Te reason for working on the movie is that I thought of it as a last remaining homework. Although I have played Yoo Jung in the drama, I always felt bad about the characteristics I couldn’t show and also wanted to give a present to the webtoon’s readers. If in the drama the focus was on Yoo Jung as a weird Sonbae, in the movie Yoo Jung will be a little closer to the original webtoon character. Of course I know that with CITT I might get a fixed image. But my life as an actor will not come to an end with CITT and with working on other projects that worry will disappear.”

CITT is a work with a huge fame even in foreign countries. Last year in China, CITT ruled the drama chart of Weibo and lit a raging Park Hae Jin fever. The following fever of ‘Park Hae Jin syndrome’ that came from ‘Yoo Jung syndrome’ easily pushed aside the effects of THAAD conflict. The Chinese regulations regarding Hallyu contents have no effects on Park Hae Jin’s stable fame. “I think the power of the characters is the strongest. They like the dramas and they kindly see my charms as well. The secret of my fame? To be honest it’s not my appearance. I don’t have double eyelids and I think I have a normal image. But there are lots of good aspects in my face too. More than being very handsome, it’s the feeling that I can show the character well, so I feel that I have a good face for an actor. I want to show a colourful wide range of images.”

After appearing on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” not long ago, he has found another nickname. He said that his wacky confused image that made people burst out laughing from time to time, has given him the nickname ‘handsome dummy’, and laughed. Park Hae Jin said “It was a real show. My niece and nephew call me dummy uncle at home.” and laughed. “I live with me 4 and 7-year-old nephew and niece, they are very nice to me. When I am leaving the house in the morning, they kiss me and when I finish shooting and go back home, like a drunken dad, I wake them up and kiss them. In the past I wanted to get married fast, now that I have lived with my niece and nephew, marriage thoughts has naturally got distanced from me. If I get married one day, I want to have kids later. Life of a celebrity is limited so when I have a wife, I want to go on a journey with her and spend a lot of memory-making times with her.”

Park Hae Jin who has passed his mid-thirties this year (Koreans consider their age the number of years they have passed plus 1) has no hurries on getting married. He added that he is looking forward to the most wonderful time he can have as a man, a future when he’s older. ‘When I was in my early 20s, I thought that when I turn thirty I’ll become a masculine man. But the me in my 30s, still likes sport shoes and Gundams like a youngster, my boyish feelings have not changed at all, either.  Of course getting older by a year, sometimes when I see the wrinkles on my face in the mirror, there are moments when I get sad too yet I also want to get older faster.  I think maybe if I enter my 40s, I will learn how to let go and become more stable. I also sometimes think that it might be good if I wake up tomorrow morning and see that I have jumped 5 years ahead.”

translated by: haejinspired

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