Park Hae Jin… A Guarantee of Good Views?

Park Hae Jin “A guarantee for good views? There’s no project that has become great because I only have done well.”

Park Hae Jin, an actor who has recorded good views in every work he has starred in from 2006 ‘Famous Chil Princesses’, ‘As Much as Heaven and Earth’, ‘My Daughter Seo Young’, ‘You Who Came from the Stars’, ‘Cheese in the Trap’, ‘Bad Guys’ and others. He has grown and become an actor who has received both the producers’ and viewers’ trust and (his name) is followed by ‘A guarantee for good views’.

His share in the good views for his latest work JTBC’s ‘ManXMan’ in which he was the male lead was huge, as well. But meeting the always unchanging him after a long time, he said “A work doesn’t become great just because just I alone have done well.” and gave the credit to all the actors and staff with whom he has collaborated.

“’ManXMan’s scale was very big and had foreign locations too. In comparison to other projects, I could participate in the shooting a lot more so it was nice. Although I was an actor, I gave my opinion about this and that to the director and did adlibs and etc, it is a project made by all the actors collaborating together. Everyone was overflowing with enthusiasm and the greed for the character was big too.”

Park Hae Jin said that he was grateful for the great passion and affection of the actors towards ‘ManxMan’. So maybe that’s why he waved no at ‘A guarantee for good views’.
“I wasn’t the only main star and it was the result of a lot of people’s hard work. That’s why it hasn’t become great just because of me only. But I became a small supplementation to it. (laughs) My only wish is wanting to become that small part in the projects I appear in from now on, as well.”
He who has received good ratings and had many hits during all these years, has not lost his modest attitude. This is the reason for many directors and writers to believe in him and cast him. He who has once more widened the spectrum of his acting via ‘ManXMan’, is continuing his activities with shooting CITT movie and is to go on with a restless series of acting activities.

translated by:  haejinspired


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