Park Hae Jin’s Interest on Real-time Reactions to Man to Man

Park Hae Jin shows interest in real-time reactions to ManxMan … ‘Is your job being handsome?’ a comment to be grateful about.

Although the reactions to ManxMan is varied, Park Hae Jin confirmed his name as a versatile actor who can do comedy, romance, drama, action and a lot more.

“Seol Woo was originally designed as a much colder character but as I acted him I thought I liked him to be a little brighter. Basically I thought I shall give him a comedic touch but I thought a lot how to adjust the tone to match the character.”

Kim Seol Woo is an unknown character. His age, background and so on are unknown and even his name Kim Seol Woo might not be his real name. Although as an actor this is a tricky situation, Park Hae Jin was attracted to Seol Woo who is similar to himself. “He looks perfect and pretends to be a love expert but in fact he’s just me. There were so many similar aspects so it wasn’t difficult to get immersed in the character. No background was necessary for Seol Woo. An existence that exists but doesn’t exist, I thought Seol Woo’s key point was the feeling that he’s just fallen from somewhere.”

If till now it felt like “Park Hae Jin is acting’, this time Park hae Jin was himself. His own “usual expressions and way of speaking are presented more than ever” and just as much, his attachment to Seol Woo is deeper. He checked both real-time reactions and his fans’ reactions on his fan cafe while watching the original broadcast. “I was very happy when fans recognized scenes we had a hard time shooting.  And I liked fun comments like ‘Is being handsome your job?'”

Park Hae Jin who had a fixed image of ‘cold handsome man’ because of his strong charisma, showed his comical charms and thanks to his ever changing expressions, viewers noticed his other unknown sides that made him happy thinking he has achieved his goal. “I was more honest than ever. I shed the idea of ‘being acting’ and entrusted myself to my instincts. The many adlib-ed details from a sweeping smile to a little glance seem to have been fortunately recognized.”

Another new aspect was his strong bromance with Park Sung Woong. These two actors who made funny points in any situation, gave a pleasant excitement to ManXMan that otherwise could have been seen as dark only. “I feel more comfortable with Bromnace than melo. I had to show an Homme fatal who has fallen in love, but pretending to be cool is difficult. If you decide the genre, Romance is a sub-theme, this time my partner was fortunately a veteran so I got a lot of help from her. I called (Kim Min Jung) ‘Sonsengnim’ (meaning teacher) from beginning to the end. She has been acting for 28 years since childhood. Although we could spend time together like friends, but I thought it was right to be respectful.”
Although a hoobae to Kim Min Jung, Park Hae Jin has debuted 11 years ago. In 2006, he created an unrivaled character, The Nation’s Yeon Ha Nam, in ‘Famous Chil Princesses’ and after that in these 11 years, the generations who love Park Hae Jin have increased. If we look at his works from ‘You who came from the stars’ and ‘Cheese in the Trap’ to ‘ManXMan’, we can feel how continuously he has grown. Park Hae Jin makes a humble assessment of his rookie days. “Sometimes I watch ‘Famous Chil Princesses’ rebroadcasts on cable and feel disgusted. I have acted so terribly that I feel embarrassed. And receiving the New Actor award like that, shall I say ‘seems like a miracle’. Compared to back then, I have developed a lot, right? At least, it feels that I have risen without taking a step back.”
[인터뷰①] 박해진 “‘맨투맨’ 실시간 반응에 흥미…’직업이 미남?’ 댓글에 흐뭇”

translated by: haejinspired

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