Park Hae Jin Desires To Portray an Evil Character


Park Hae Jin “desires to portray a boundless endless evil character”

“It was the happiest project ever.” Park Hae Jin revealed his thoughts about the JTBC Drama “ManXMan’ that finished airing the past weekend. In this project Park Hae Jin had perfectly transformed into an elite spy. If in his previous work, CITT, he got close to a mysterious youthful image, this time he was a secret agent with both beauty and brilliance.

In his latest interview he said that although he didn’t want to break his nice kind image, he would like to challenge an ‘evil character’ too. He explained “I want to do a boundless endless evil character. Something like Choi Min Shik Sonbaenim in ‘I saw the devil.’(It’s me the translator. I have seen that movie and I DO NOT want him to play such a role! Please don’t! Please!) I want to do a character that’s evil from the moment he appears to the end. I have done an evil character in ‘Bad Guys’ but I haven’t done a completely evil character.”

Final impression of ‘ManxMan’

It was the happiest project ever. There were many hard moments while shooting too, among the works I have done till now, this was the one I was most involved in. I shared my feedback with the director and consulted with the staff. More than feeling that I have appeared in this work, it feels like I have made it together with others.

You looked more comfortable than in previous projects.

If in the past I acted the characters, this time I acted the Park Hae Jin who has substituted the hero character Kim Seol Woo. A lot of my personal image has come out. It’s like my usual every day expressions, my real face had been reflected a lot.

In the past I portrayed bright healthy nice young men a lot. Through ‘Bad Guys’ I threw that image all away and just showed an only-acted image. This time it’s like I have shown a bright humorous similar-to-myself image.

This project has espionage themes. Any works you have referred to.

Watching espionage genre more than Bourne series, I felt as if it was a combination of 007 and The Naked Gun series (Starred by Leslie Nielsen, it’s a parody crime series, very funny). Before shooting this project I watched 007 a lot, more than the intellectual sexy Daniel Craig, I looked for and watched the older witty 007’s. Personally I referred to the comic aspects of Stephen Chow a lot.

This project had a lot of action scenes. What type of acting is the most difficult?

Explosion scenes were not that difficult. Because I get out before they explode it. (Laughs) More than being difficult, what I lack confidence in is acting melo (scenes). I can’t say sweet stuff well. I have to say words that others will say “It can’t be, very improbable” about; I feel ticklish when I say them. Although gazing at someone and saying words to deceive them 100% was weird but I did my best in acting them. There were 4 kiss scenes with Kim Min Jung ssi. There was one high-level kiss scene too; it was my first time doing that level so I was embarrassed.


This was a 100% pre-produced drama. Any difference with a shoot-and-air drama?

I could research and discuss the character a lot. It was pre-produced, and the script was being progressed, but for us there were not (any differences). It also seems that there are many advantages because we could have the editing going on. Of course there are some advantages in a not pre-produced project too. Of course it would be difficult but you can get feedbacks right away, and being able to feel them is an advantage.


It was an espionage pre-produced drama. There were negative views that thought it possible not to turn out well.

Whatever project that I choose, while shooting it, I am certain that it will turn out well. I don’t think that it will not do from the beginning. This time it was the same. Of course I believed that it will turn out well.

Shooting was good, and although not 100%, it turned out to be a good enough achievement. Although ratings is not everything there were unavoidable negative points, too. Overlapping with the presidential election, matching time with a long-term holiday. We didn’t start not knowing about it and they were points that needed to be taken care of. But yet even if not the first broadcast, I do wish that some more people would watch it via downloading, re-broadcasts, and other ways. I would like it if it would be remembered as a fun work after some time passes.


The character you want to play these days.

Every character has a time for receiving attention. There surely is a trend. In the past I wanted to do an evil character that had its reasons. A character that had a story about why this person is like this. Now my thoughts have changed a little. I want to do a boundless endless evil character. I have done an evil character in ‘Bad Guys’ but I haven’t done a completely evil character.

Do you want to break your kind nice image?

I don’t. I don’t feel like my image has become fixed nor do I think that I have to change (my image). That’s a side of me too. I want to add to what I show but don’t want to break my existing image.

source:  Naver    translated by:  haejinspired

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2 Responses to Park Hae Jin Desires To Portray an Evil Character

  1. hmseen says:

    Aigooooo…why does he has to be so nice and kind … he made me fall in love with him more and more… yeah…his overall personality doesnt give him much allowance to be cheesy but I think he did quite well on those selective scenes… and he is cute when he is deprived of affection from his woman in his latest drama… freakingly cute! okay gonna watch the whole 16 episodes again.. thanks nonski for this update! will catch up with you again in soompi… I’ll drop by here when i can again.. ^_^
    ❤ ❤ ❤ hmseen

    • nonskishome says:

      Chingu-ya thanks for your comment! I think we are of the same sentiments… every time I learn things about him, I fall more and more in love with him. Such a great personality and very humble. I just wish him more successful projects and happiness. I hope he’d be able to find his other half (that might be me lols).

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