Sports Seoul Interview with Park Hae Jin


[SS인터뷰②]’드라마 애청자’ 박해진은 ‘커플 감별사?’ “실제 사귀면 화면 속 티가 난다”

Park Hae Jin is a ‘couple detector’ as ‘a drama-watcher’, ‘If they’re dating in real life, it shows on the screen”

Park Hae Jin is a hard working actor. After finishing JTBC ‘ManXMan’, he started CITT movie and after that will work on SBS ‘Saja’. Park Hae Jin clearly said that as his mid 30s is the ‘peak of his life’, more than dating or marriage, he means to focus on his work. Reading webtoon is fun for him. He also enjoys watching daily and weekend darams, like the mothers generation. Sometimes his job-sickness is aroused and then while watching dramas he becomes a detector who can decides which couples are really dating.

Right after ending ‘ManXMan’ you started CITT movie. It seems you are working with no rest.
I don’t have that much desire for a holiday to say ‘I can’t any more. Right from tomorrow I will rest’. If there is a day I can rest, I will rest. I want to go on a trip too but right now the conditions won’t allow it so I am now happily thinking about where to go later. It was 7 or 8 years ago when I last went on a trip. But it wasn’t like I was working hard either, of course there are times when I want to rest but it’s not like I can rest just because I want to, but it’s also not like there is work whenever I want to work. I have to work hard when (there is a work) I can do.

The advantages of being busy?
There’s no time to be bored. There’s no time to think, no time to do anything and no time to spend money, either. So a lot of desires are left and the fact that I will surely do them one day makes my dream become bigger. Now I can’t do them. Now I only work. Even if I plan to do other things, I don’t get a chance to do so as it’s time to work now.

In the past I liked collecting things, now I have ended it all. I don’t buy to collect things anymore. If I have the time I receive treatments, watch movies and spend time with my niece and nephew. These days I read a lot of webtoons too.

Recommend any webtoons?
I tend to focus on the painting. If you want an unbelievable sour-taste one I recommend ‘Killer Kim Bang Bang’(by Kim Rae Woong).(It’s about a pro killer, Kim Bang Bang, who doesn’t know failure.) If you want a B-Code one, ‘Love’s Ceremony’ (by cclzzi90) is good too. If you want a good worldview and painting ‘Noblesse’ (written by Son Jae Ho , painted by Lee Kwang Soo) and or ‘Dice’ (by Yun Hyun Seok) are good. If you want paintings and excitement I recommend ‘Ko Su’ (written by Ryu Ki Eun, painted by Moon Jong Hu).

Any Variety Shows or Dramas you enjoy?
My taste in variety shows is ‘Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling’ or ‘The Nations’ Big Three’ and ‘Jagiya’. I like observation–based shows. About ‘Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling’, although I won’t be able to do anything if I were in it, but with shows about travelling and eating, I like them and I think I can do well.

I live with my mom, the days I am at home, we go home almost at the same time. I watch the daily shows. I think I know the feelings of enjoyment mothers feel watching (the shows). If I don’t watch them I’ll be curious about them. They excite me. A lot of times I can’t watch the main broadcast of weekday daily dramas, then on weekends I watch the weekend re-broadcasts at 8 o’clock. I eat and clean up and watch the 8 o’clock broadcasts of the dramas.

When you watch other dramas don’t you feel job-sickness?
(It’s when professionals can’t enjoy their own trend coz they pay too much attention to the details.)
That’s so bad. I have to see the story of the drama and watch it, but I get absorbed to unimportant details. Lightening or camera movements and such that normal viewers don’t ever see. I also think that if I were to act that role how would have I done. I try to watch it from the eyes of a normal viewer but it doesn’t turn out well. ‘Why did they Ok that cut? Did the director and actor fight?’ I have such thoughts, too. When the actor’s acting is not good, the viewers say what’s with that acting, that’s also a thought but when something gets an Ok in spite of being bizarre, it might be because of some other conditions, too.

It’s not like I can always be sure if the atmosphere of the location has been good or not, when I watch a drama. As an actor I know that you can hide being or not being close to each other. But those who are dating are so in the open. When I watch a drama I can find those who are thinking ‘This isn’t acting’.

At the moment even if I’m not busy, I need to spend some time for myself. In the past I could divide my time and meet someone even if could sleep just for an hour, but now if I have half a day to myself, I have to receive treatment and have a lot to do. It’s time to take care and love myself a little. It’s time to tend to myself as breaking down has started. Mid 30s is the peak of life. It’s time to do the most amount of work.

In the past I thought I’d be married by 35. Now I want to get married before the first digit of my age changes (an expression meaning before turning 40). When I look at the girlfriends I used to meet in the past, I think there were none that particularly met my ideal type. I also have the desire to get married while I am the most beautiful.


translated by: haejinspired


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