Man to Man Making Film No. 11 – Ending Scene

The advantages of a pre-produced drama is that behind-the-scenes footages or BTS  or in the case of Man to Man is known as making film are shared to viewers as soon as the episode is about to air or after it aired.  Man to Man had been very generous with it sharing these BTS on Park Hae Jin’s Vlive channel.  Before the last episode of MxM was shown the ending scene BTS aired on Vlive.  Here is the subbed clip which subtitles I encoded but were owned by Vlive/its fansubs.

Also included in Making No. 11 is the music video for the much awaited OST No. 7 by Standing Egg with the title “Map of the Heart”.  I gave kudos to the ManxMan team for their careful and calculated release of the OSTs.  Me and my friends at Soompi had been anticipating this song for ages.  If I am not mistaken this song was used in the drama as early as episode 5 or 6 (will check and update this info).  I’m glad it’s finally out and what a very beautifully sung soundtrack, this one.


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