Park Hae Jin: Every Project A Destiny Role?


[인터뷰]‘맨투맨’ 박해진, 매 작품마다 인생 연기..이러니 반할 수 밖에

‘ManXMan’ Park Hae Jin, acting in every project like it’s a destiny role … no choice but to admire

Playing NIS Ghost Agent K Kim Seol Woo, a perfect presentation of a different character
The actor who presents a new character in every project, Park Hae Jin. He presented yet another destiny acting through the well-received JTBC drama, ‘ManxMan’.
A visual you have no choice but to fall for and a charming genuine actor.

Gist of Q&A section

Kim Seol Woo is not a pretty man but a ghost agent (laughs). Acting the restaurants scene in ‘ManXMan’ was very difficult for me (me, the translator: he means the first kiss scene)… I acted fatally awesome and walked, I was very embarrassed (laughs).


I learned a lot from my bodyguards. Standing postures while guarding and way of speaking but it was of no use (laughs).
They guard people on location but my character was on an NIS mission. There were lots of other parts too so it wasn’t of much help (laughs).

Personally I like acting with men more (laughs). But that doesn’t mean I don’t like acting with women. When I act with hyungs and not people my age, although I don’t have a lot of cuteness, I think I can rely upon them and act.
This time in ‘ManXMan’ Jong Man Shik hyungnim and Park Sung Woong hyungnim both are people who act very true-to-life so of course the chemistry was good.
(With Jong Man Shik Hyungnim) we had a lot of chats on the set, and I don’t remember anything but acting while laughing. A lot of people say that Park Sung Woong hyungnim is hard to work with but he is really fun. I think he is a real son-lover.

In the press conference writer Kim Won Seok said that ‘I thought he was handsome so I casted him, but I was surprised coz he was very funny’. I am not the type to limit my acting so I consulted the director a lot on the set. We said that the bodyguard might look very flat so we talked about expressing it differently and the exploratory acting of the relationship with Kim Min Jung ssi was also talked about.


(The action scene with Tae In Ho) took around 5 days to shoot. Actually only about half of what we had worked on came out. Around 40 to 50 %. What we practiced in the action school was much longer.

After doing the action on the location we realised it would take about a week to shoot it all. So we left some parts and did the shooting. We had practiced the actions for a long time so we shot it safely without any big injuries (Monino: I know he has hurt his knee, maybe it was during this scene but I’m not sure). It was well wrapped up so it was very thrilling.
(Hae Jin nim and Seol Woo’s sync) Seol Woo in ‘ManXMan’ and the real me are very much alike. If the characters in my previous works were made, this time the setting was well designed for me so I created a lot of its aspects.

This Ghost Agent had both cute and dorky aspects which I think might be the real me. I don’t feel that I am cute myself, but my fans see me that way. So I ask this of my fans “I am 35 now, so please hold back.” (laughs)
I think it’s good to be busy. Because for us actors if no one looks for us, it’s a job we cannot do. I am only thankful just by being able to work this steadily. And I am also thankful that I have been made able to have new challenges every time. I also have a feeling of anticipation regarding my new acting. I will try to show my always developing image in the future, as well.

as translated by:  haejinspired

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