[2006]T Magazine interview with Park Hae Jin

This is one of his earliest features as he debuted in 2006 with the drama Famous Chil Princesses.  Again, @haejinspired was an angel and translated and gave us the gist of the interview with Park Hae Jin.  I noticed that time and again, he always was and is honest and candid in answering questions given to him.  I love his style and it gives off a relaxed atmosphere.  Here is the content of the interview and the translators thoughts and some of mine.


Magazine T interview
순정만화 같은 외모
박해진 – 2006년 7월 24일 “매거진 T” 인터뷰 & 화보
In an interview with Magazine T that was published on 2006/07/24, Hae Jin nim talked about how he was casted as he had gone shopping for clothes, his training for 1 years and 7 months and then his casting in Seven Chil Princesses.


And he also talked about having run a clothes shop for 3 years right after high school in which he did all the work himself. And then he closed that shop and decided to open a restaurant. He went to Seoul to buy clothes but was recruited in the shop.


He said the criticism about his acting hurt him at first but what was said was not wrong. At first if the scene was shot, he thought he had made it but after acting for a while, in spite of getting the director’s OK he felt not satisfied about his acting and kept worrying about it.


He said he would have regretted it less if it took a longer time and they shot a scene a few more times, but as he was a rookie the director didn’t have high expectations of him.


About his lines as Yeon Ha Nam, he said they would have sounded strange no matter who said them (laughs). From his cute lines like “Mam raises one’s protective instincts enough even when doing nothing.” to hot confessions like “Just trust and follow me. At least I will not make you feel lonely.” and “Like crazy, I missed you like crazy, that’s why I came. Now I have seen your face I’ll go.”, he has received lots of love from older lady viewers.

He says if a man is not a player, he wouldn’t normally say such things.
Regarding the comments about his acting he says there are people who say “When will his acting get better?!” and there are some who say “It seems he has gotten stronger”.

He has painted since childhood and was interested in designing and likes doing works with his hands like cooking and making models.
He said he has lived alone since graduating from high school but the food he bought was not tasty. So at first he had no choice but to cook but little by little he learned one by one. He can’t cook complicated things but simple ones like Samgyetang Kalbijim.


He said he has done lots of jobs but has not heard “You can’t do this.” that many times. Because they were things he wanted to do and things he started because he could do them well. But now about ‘Acting’ that he wants to do and started to do because it seemed he’d be able to do well, he hears “You can’t do it”. So he wants to get better fast so that when 10 years pass, where ever he goes, he would not here “You can’t do it”.


And here the reporter says:
“From this assuring person, I feel a determined mindset strong enough to make him surpass his ‘purely manhwa like appearance.


Translator’s thoughts ( @haejinspired ):

Now 10 years have passed. He will never hear “You can’t act!” ever again coz he is one of the best actors ever. But ironically he is being called “A man ripped out if a manhwa”!
Which of course is a praise for his perfect sync with the characters he plays.

He makes it impossible to imagine those characters being played by any other actor. He wears the characters as well as he wears clothes; formal and serious like Han Jae Joon, damaged and twisted like Jung Moon, loving and expressive like Hwi Kyung, kind and introverted like Sang Woo, complicated and suspicious like Yoo Jung and charming and seductive yet innocent and pure like Seol Woo.
He is one of a kind!

My thoughts:

After 10 years and now 11, he had become an actor who can do just about anything and where people watch because it is HIM!😍  His talent is what exactly made us love him,  his looks and everything else are icing on the cake (lols, who am I joking!).   I don’t even know when I started liking this talented man, uri namja my nampyeon… Yoo Jung, Jung Moon, Ha Nam, Hwi Kyung or Ryu’s scruffy look or the confident Shen An or maybe Jae Joon but I’m sure I realized I am in too deep after Kim Seol Woo and then in reality his personality. 😍😍😍😍😍  It always seemed that children who grew up with their grandparents turns out to be responsible and good adults.


by: xxnonskixx

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