My ManxMan OST finally arrived!

One of the best drama Official Soundtrack that I’ve ever heard in a long is ManxMan’s soundtrack.  Every song is a memorable part of the drama.  The songs were selected with care to show the feel of the whole drama.  The song resonates the drama scenes it aim to portray.  I remember that at one time, at the Soompi forum of Man to Man, we were eagerly awaiting for two songs that came out as early as episode 2 but were released only later since those were part 6 and 7 of the soundtrack.

I usually don’t buy OSTs since they are mostly readily available for download for free.  Actually the first OST that I bought was that of I Hear Your Voice.  Since then I never bought another one.  When ManxMan aired I was eagerly awaiting for the songs and decided that finally I had to buy the CD.  I ordered my copy from YesAsia because I find them reliable as this is where I ordered last time.  I placed my order 16th of June 2017 and the package arrived 6th of July 2017.  It contained the CD of the songs and one photobook.  I will post below the copies of what’s inside the photobook and the copy of my cd.  Please do not repost or take out the photos as I don’t know if we will be violating any copyright on this.  This post is made for information purposes only. Click to see the HD copies.

Here are the contents of the photobook:

by:  xxnonskixx


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