[2009]Park Hae Jin Interview with Japanese MC Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

This is a YouTube clip uploaded by kikishen.  On February 14, 2009 Japanese MC Tsuyoshi Kusanagi also known as Tsuyopon interviewed Park Hae Jin.  Below are the gist of the interview as translated by  haejinspired  from IG.

This was an interview during the shooting East of Eden.

First there’s an introductory clip of his debut drama, Famous Chil Princesses, 2006, in which he played Yeon Ha Nam, a soldier who had fallen in love with his sergeant who had asked him “Have you eaten anything?”

Then a short clip of his then new drama East of Eden, in which he played Shin Myung Hoon, the only son of a chaebol family with a twisted destiny, was shown.
(This isn’t what the voice over says. I added the characters introduction, myself – haejinspired)

So he is receiving a lot of attention in both Korea and Japan. (and I know that Chil was very famous in China as well. The cast appeared on Chinese shows several times.-haejinspired) The first thing he said is that he is ashamed of it. He has done it 3 years ago and is embarrassed about it. (He keeps saying that but I love his acting as Ha Nam. He was cute and bright and a little awkward and totally lovely!- haejinspired)

The MC asked if he is busy shooting East of Eden, he said yes, he is busy and is having a hard time and his head hurts. The MC asked if they shoot every day. He said yes, 8 days in a week and laughs. He said they had been shooting every day but there was an extension so it seems the shooting would go on for another month. The MC asked in a few words what type of drama is it. He said he thinks it’s a drama about the importance of family.

It’s a story about the family of two brothers. The MC says at the beginning of shooting, the cast were against him being casted, is it true? He says, they must have thought he was not able to play Shin Myung Hoon. (just a note he uses the utmost honorific forms when he talks about his co-workers, always – haejinspired) but now they are receiving him well. The MC asks if it’s an antagonist role. He says it sure was. The MC asks how was it? He says it is fun. He had done characters that are kind, look kind, a lot (Famous Chil Princesses was 80 episodes and As Much as Heaven and Earth was 165) so antagonists seem interesting to him. It was like that but as he showed that evil side for a very short while he feels sorry. And then there’s a scene from East of Eden that is his second scene in that drama, Episode 6, where he calls Ji Hyun, the girl he loves and Ji Hyun thinks it’s Dong Wook, his rival, and Myung Hoon got angry when he hears they are preparing a ceremony to celebrate Dong Wook’s passing the university entrance exam. So he shouts “Give up on the ceremony. On what type of a land are you going to have a ceremony for Lee Ki Cheol’s son? Why should you manipulate the miners?!” It is because his family owns that land.

The MC asked if there is anything that worries him when he’s acting. Hae-jin replied, when acting, of course it’s the same for all actors, firstly feelings, secondly feelings, thirdly feelings. He always tries to act sincerely but he doesn’t know how the audience looks at him. The MC says that feelings are the most important thing.

Then there’s a scene from As Much as heaven and Earth where his character Mu Young is talking. He says “Next time you find a man, show him to me first. I will decide if he matches with you or not. Others can see it better.” Han Hyo Joo’s character, Ji Soo, answers “I got it. Then you introduce your woman to me first. I will also see if she matches you well or not.” (Actually Mu Young is in love with Ji Soo but she doesn’t know it. They have grown up together but as Mu Young is not the real child of his parents and has no wealth or education, he thinks himself not worthy of Ji Soo so he has kept his love a secret.)

The Mc asks how the Entertainment industry in Korea is. He says it’s not good. The MC says and the movies? He says the movies are worse.

Production is very hard and even with a contract, the situation is hard for both dramas and movies. Among those who are in this situation there are very high ranked actors too, and although he has not still reached that level, of course he doesn’t think it’s unconditionally a positive point. (I am not sure what they are actually talking about so I just translated the conversation word by word, sorry!) He says if they could help each other a little with this, in any way possible, if everyone came to a good conclusion. The MC says it’s a good mindset and then asks him if he wants to ask anything from the MC. He says he will ask in Japanese, just one question especially. And he asks in Japanese “You are working both in Korea and Japan. Which one is difficult?” The MC says he speaks Japanese well. He says a little. The MC answers “Japan!”. He says he thought the MC would answer Korea.

The MC says it is hard in Korea, too, but in Japan there is not time, so in both dramas and singing (so I guess he must be a Japanese singer), his mind is very occupied. Hae Jin nim says it’s the same in Korea. Every day the script is given to them and a new schedule is planned, and they can’t sleep. The Mc says still he wants to work in Korea for a long time and in the future too, there will be lots of chances for him to come to Korea and for Park Hae Jin ssi to go to Japan. He says that would be great.

The MC asks about his future targets. He says he thinks he has not received confirmation as an actor yet which he means he hasn’t been able to do well so in order to become actor Park Hae Jin he has to steadily try. Now there are lots of people who know him not as actor Park Hae Jin but as celebrity Park Hae Jin so in order to get “actor” as a title he will try to death. The Mc thanks him for the good conversation.

The MC asks him to say a word to his Japanese fans. He says hello and introduces himself. It’s been 3 years since his debut. He thanks the fans for their great love, more than he expected. He will show them an even better side of himself so he asks them to keep loving him and even more. And says happy new year. Thank you!

by:  xxnonskixx

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