[Article]Park Hae Jin will be honored with the Grand Prize of the Seoul Metropolitan Government


Actor Park Hae-jin will be awarded the prize of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

On May 29, the Seoul Metropolitan Council of Social Welfare announced that Park Hae-jin will be honored the Grand Prize in the Seoul Metropolitan Government Volunteers Division at the ‘2017 Seoul Social Welfare Conference’ to commemorate the Social Welfare Day (September 7). Park is scheduled to attend the ‘2017 Seoul Social Welfare Competition’ held at the Multipurpose Hall on 8th floor of Seoul City Hall on September 5 at 2 pm and receive a prize from Park Won-soon, Seoul’s mayor.

The Seoul Social Welfare Convention, which was enacted in 2001, is an event in which people who have contributed to the social welfare, select social workers, volunteers, and supporters for their contributions.

Park has been selected for his contribution to the social welfare sector, including steady donation activities and regular volunteer service activities.

Park Hae-jin has donated KRW 1.7 billion for six years from 2011 to Kowloon Village, Seowol Lake, Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, and Gyeongju Earthquake Damage Recovery Fund.

Particularly during the busy shooting schedule earlier this year, he also contributed to the briquette donation and delivery service for the underprivileged, such as basic living services, elderly people living alone, and small families.

In addition, overseas children’s welfare centers, such as the Shanghai Children’s Welfare Center, helped the children through various activities, welfare foundation for children’s school supplies and various items, such other support.

An official of the Seoul Metropolitan Council for Social Welfare said, “We had selected as the winner of this year to honor Park Hae-jin’s actions who continue to carry out various volunteer activities such as briquetting and donations every year.” .
On the other hand, Park is preparing for the next drama ‘Lion’ after filming ‘Cheese in the Trap’.

by:  xxnonskixx

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