[News]170901 박해진 Park Hae Jin News Report on MBN Live

This is about how he forgave those who had left malicious comments about him on the condition that they would join him in coal delivery volunteering activity. But his easily forgiving them one time made them think they can continue abusing him because he would forgive them again.

He said that he thought maybe doing some good deeds could help them release the pain in their hearts.

The analyser says that he met them amd talked to them and forgave them but some of them kept leaving malicious comments so he naturally felt betrayed and that’s why this time there will be no forgiving.

The analyser says that during the 5 hours he has moved 1600 coal bricks and they have to do it very slowly. He has done it a few times too but they are really heavier than they look, around 17 Ks. So after carrying 6 of them on your back a few times you get tired and sweat and in order to keep the spirit up they joke around. So he thought that if those people sweat together wirh him they will have a change of heart.

So he thought they will have a change of heart and talking together and working together will make them recinsider their actions and they will also help those in need. He did this with a good heart but they kept talking bad about him thinking they will do volunteer work again and get forgiveness so he thought that he needed another way.

Translations by: @haejinspired IG Video shared by: @heejini501 IG

by:  xxnonskixx

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