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Well, what do you know? Got my own blog!  Frankly, I have no idea what I am doing here.  I’m an avid follower of various blog sites that discuss Korean Drama.  I had been following them for so long.  It just so happen that when I was about to like the post of a certain blogger, I was asked to log in and to make the long story short here now is my blog.

I am a Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines.  My field of work is very different from my interest in K-drama.  I am a self-confessed K-drama addict and loves to listen to K-pop.  Occasionally watching Taiwanese and Japanese dramas too.  I don’t know how to read or write Hangul but on self-study now before I actually enroll in a Korean language class.  I am not very articulate and I am not an expert on Korean drama or any other Asian drama at that.  I will try though to write something comprehensible enough. 😛  This blog will only be a space to cater to whatever that will come to my mind whenever I am watching a drama.  So bear with me. 🙂

12 Responses to About Me

  1. wanzhaf says:

    Hi nonski, like i promised, here i am

    • nonski says:

      aw so thoughtful of you wanzhaf for humoring me… like i mentioned you’re the first ever to write i post here. tho, deedee was the first to like here and follow my humble abode 🙂

  2. WaGGy says:

    The secret life of Nonski LOL. I’m glad you can maintain a blog, unlike me, I’ve tried but failed miserably 😦 Good luck!

    • nonski says:

      thanks Wag… ah… i am now having doubts if i can… work is eating up all my time. 🙂 ideas, just ideas still… hoping to be able to post something this weekend. Big is a graphic’s heaven, so much material to work on.

  3. wanzhaf says:

    Hi. Didnt you watch big? I didnt see any comment from you at Softy. I didnt watch it live, so cant really join the crowd, but i still read hers. BM is really not my cup of tea, but i am watching I do I do, solely for KSA. I was on the verge of giving up, but last week’s ep was quite interesting, so i might watch it to the end. LOL

    • nonski says:

      hi chingu, i was on a seminar these past few days…. and work had been really gruelling. as much as i want to watch it live, i can’t . i read and liked softy’s post but no more time to chichat and you guys aren’t there, qd and deedee don’t post anymore too. qd has been busy with RL too.
      sometimes, when i wasable to read softy’s post, it is too late for me to add my comment.and about big, hmmm, i dunno but there is just something lacking, i can;t pinpoint. i love the drama still, it;s just that even with gong yoo, lee min jung and the cute kid, shin won ho and it being a hong sisters, seems like it picked up slow, i still love Best Love at this point of the drama. let’s see what’s in the succeeding episodes in store for us. and i miss RTP!!!

    • nonski says:

      frankly, at this point in the drama… i liked BM more than Big, there is this riveting factor in BM.

  4. wanzhaf says:

    Hi nonski,
    I am out of touch… for quite sometime… alas… time doesnt permit me browsing here and there. Anyway, i got to know you are sick with high fever. Do take all the necessary medicine, drink a lot of water and have a good rest. Dont neglect yourself, sweetie. Take care and may God bless you, always…

  5. wanzhaf says:

    nonski dear

    I am watching Missing You at the moment. I am so disappointed that Softy doesnt recapped this ( heheheh, when she was eyeing MY i was hoping that she would include this in her recapped. but alas…. well, have to go somewhere else… but you and i know she is one of the best)

    And another disappointment is that viki is not able to sub this. We know that viki sub is one of the fastest and the the best.

    And the rating.. too… not that i care much for it, but it is vital to the cast…. as an inspiration to their hard work. The young cast are awesome, right? I just love them… though cant wait for Yoochun to appear, i am watching it with most care as the story will only be complete if we watch it from the first episode, right? Call me paranoid, i feel as though there is a conspiration against Yoochun. Kekekekek. blame it for being JYJ fans that has to face so many unreasonable blocking 😦

    🙂 i am assuming that as Yoochun’s fan, you are on the same page, right? Though some of the drama interest you and not me, i can take MY is our common interest. Hope to see your insight view at soompi. Other than saying oh… the young cast etc, etc… i cant find any other words 😦 shame on me…

    • nonski says:

      hello, hello wuri chingu! it’s been a while huh?! actually i haven’t started yet on MY cuz of the bulk of real life work i have tackle at the moment. i am very interested in watching it too and have downloaded the first two episodes already. actually i am about to watch it right now.

      yeah, i am quite sad softy did not push through with recapping MY. she is the best recapper that does it live and one of the best in the blogosphere. 🙂 although i understand her reasons. me thinks MY is rather a heavy drama. i have already the recaps at dramabeans and there is certain scene on episode 1 i am dreading to get a look at. the one with our chunnie lying and blood on his temple. 😦 okay i will reserve my judgement after watching it. but even so, the child actors are really good actors, Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun!

      rating-wise, it is understandable since NG is very popular and is gearing towards the finale week. i am closely following it too. a really good drama. have you tried checking it out? one NG ends, i think MY’s rating will pick up.

      i hope that fans will continue to support our chunnie. 🙂 this is a very good drama to add to his portfolio. cassies and chunsas should go hand in hand and support not only him but all of the cast as well.

      with regards to the subs, darksmurfsub is subbing MY. episode 1 is already 100% completed while 2 is only 70%fans translated (not really good but watchable). i also get some of my subs here http://www.kjdrama.net.

      let’s met up at soompi MY thread one of these days.

      thanks for dropping by my friend.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi ate nona! Just curious so I visited your blog..hmmm.. i never thought your that fan of asian dramas..hehe..but i think your blog is awesome..your just so right..this is soo far from your field of work..but its best also to you know escape from all the stress we had in our work..my blog is also my stress reliever and one of my happy corner…God bless always to any of your endeavor!

    • nonskishome says:

      thanks so much Michelle! sometimes it is up to us to keep ourselves sane hehehe. 🙂 i’ve been watching asian dramas for the longest time, this pushed me to learn a lot of things like photoshop among other things.

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