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Phone wallpapers inspired from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

After posting the regular wallpapers, someone from Soompi request if I could make phone wallpapers.  These are made so it can fit with the iPhone 6 and & specifications.  I found no problem using it on large display Samsung phones. … Continue reading

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Korean Summer Drama Madness… :)[2013]

Well, I was able post after a long time… It just goes to say that only the drama that I am truly, deeply and madly hooked can make me go back here.  Although I am updating my tumblr (not really … Continue reading

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Currently Airing: 2012 Fall Korean Dramas

I had my biggest disappointment in my K-drama watching experience this Summer of 2012.  Most had ranged from okay to outright disppointing!  Only Bridal Mask does the deal beautifully.  No, it does more than that… Bridal Mask spells awesome~~~  But … Continue reading

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