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I had been updating this page for sometime with interviews of Park Hae Jin after the successful run of Man to Man.  The proof to that is Netflix put in line his 2014 drama Bad Guys as one of its offerings. Great right? Excuse me, just a fan speaking here. 🙂   Anyways, I feel like I should update my headers too.  I had been making headers for my favorite blogs so I thought to spam mine with my loves Park Hae Jin.  I will try to make more once I get some time off from work.  (Note:  If you want to request graphics/fan arts/headers, please leave a note in the comment section.  I can’t promise but I will try to accomodate requests.)


*Do not cut/crop/edit or reupload as your own, repost with proper credits.

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Man to Man Making Film No. 11 – Ending Scene

The advantages of a pre-produced drama is that behind-the-scenes footages or BTS  or in the case of Man to Man is known as making film are shared to viewers as soon as the episode is about to air or after it aired.  Man to Man had been very generous with it sharing these BTS on Park Hae Jin’s Vlive channel.  Before the last episode of MxM was shown the ending scene BTS aired on Vlive.  Here is the subbed clip which subtitles I encoded but were owned by Vlive/its fansubs.

Also included in Making No. 11 is the music video for the much awaited OST No. 7 by Standing Egg with the title “Map of the Heart”.  I gave kudos to the ManxMan team for their careful and calculated release of the OSTs.  Me and my friends at Soompi had been anticipating this song for ages.  If I am not mistaken this song was used in the drama as early as episode 5 or 6 (will check and update this info).  I’m glad it’s finally out and what a very beautifully sung soundtrack, this one.


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Sports Seoul Interview with Park Hae Jin


[SS인터뷰②]’드라마 애청자’ 박해진은 ‘커플 감별사?’ “실제 사귀면 화면 속 티가 난다”

Park Hae Jin is a ‘couple detector’ as ‘a drama-watcher’, ‘If they’re dating in real life, it shows on the screen”

Park Hae Jin is a hard working actor. After finishing JTBC ‘ManXMan’, he started CITT movie and after that will work on SBS ‘Saja’. Park Hae Jin clearly said that as his mid 30s is the ‘peak of his life’, more than dating or marriage, he means to focus on his work. Reading webtoon is fun for him. He also enjoys watching daily and weekend darams, like the mothers generation. Sometimes his job-sickness is aroused and then while watching dramas he becomes a detector who can decides which couples are really dating.

Right after ending ‘ManXMan’ you started CITT movie. It seems you are working with no rest.
I don’t have that much desire for a holiday to say ‘I can’t any more. Right from tomorrow I will rest’. If there is a day I can rest, I will rest. I want to go on a trip too but right now the conditions won’t allow it so I am now happily thinking about where to go later. It was 7 or 8 years ago when I last went on a trip. But it wasn’t like I was working hard either, of course there are times when I want to rest but it’s not like I can rest just because I want to, but it’s also not like there is work whenever I want to work. I have to work hard when (there is a work) I can do.

The advantages of being busy?
There’s no time to be bored. There’s no time to think, no time to do anything and no time to spend money, either. So a lot of desires are left and the fact that I will surely do them one day makes my dream become bigger. Now I can’t do them. Now I only work. Even if I plan to do other things, I don’t get a chance to do so as it’s time to work now.

In the past I liked collecting things, now I have ended it all. I don’t buy to collect things anymore. If I have the time I receive treatments, watch movies and spend time with my niece and nephew. These days I read a lot of webtoons too.

Recommend any webtoons?
I tend to focus on the painting. If you want an unbelievable sour-taste one I recommend ‘Killer Kim Bang Bang’(by Kim Rae Woong).(It’s about a pro killer, Kim Bang Bang, who doesn’t know failure.) If you want a B-Code one, ‘Love’s Ceremony’ (by cclzzi90) is good too. If you want a good worldview and painting ‘Noblesse’ (written by Son Jae Ho , painted by Lee Kwang Soo) and or ‘Dice’ (by Yun Hyun Seok) are good. If you want paintings and excitement I recommend ‘Ko Su’ (written by Ryu Ki Eun, painted by Moon Jong Hu).

Any Variety Shows or Dramas you enjoy?
My taste in variety shows is ‘Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling’ or ‘The Nations’ Big Three’ and ‘Jagiya’. I like observation–based shows. About ‘Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling’, although I won’t be able to do anything if I were in it, but with shows about travelling and eating, I like them and I think I can do well.

I live with my mom, the days I am at home, we go home almost at the same time. I watch the daily shows. I think I know the feelings of enjoyment mothers feel watching (the shows). If I don’t watch them I’ll be curious about them. They excite me. A lot of times I can’t watch the main broadcast of weekday daily dramas, then on weekends I watch the weekend re-broadcasts at 8 o’clock. I eat and clean up and watch the 8 o’clock broadcasts of the dramas.

When you watch other dramas don’t you feel job-sickness?
(It’s when professionals can’t enjoy their own trend coz they pay too much attention to the details.)
That’s so bad. I have to see the story of the drama and watch it, but I get absorbed to unimportant details. Lightening or camera movements and such that normal viewers don’t ever see. I also think that if I were to act that role how would have I done. I try to watch it from the eyes of a normal viewer but it doesn’t turn out well. ‘Why did they Ok that cut? Did the director and actor fight?’ I have such thoughts, too. When the actor’s acting is not good, the viewers say what’s with that acting, that’s also a thought but when something gets an Ok in spite of being bizarre, it might be because of some other conditions, too.

It’s not like I can always be sure if the atmosphere of the location has been good or not, when I watch a drama. As an actor I know that you can hide being or not being close to each other. But those who are dating are so in the open. When I watch a drama I can find those who are thinking ‘This isn’t acting’.

At the moment even if I’m not busy, I need to spend some time for myself. In the past I could divide my time and meet someone even if could sleep just for an hour, but now if I have half a day to myself, I have to receive treatment and have a lot to do. It’s time to take care and love myself a little. It’s time to tend to myself as breaking down has started. Mid 30s is the peak of life. It’s time to do the most amount of work.

In the past I thought I’d be married by 35. Now I want to get married before the first digit of my age changes (an expression meaning before turning 40). When I look at the girlfriends I used to meet in the past, I think there were none that particularly met my ideal type. I also have the desire to get married while I am the most beautiful.


translated by: haejinspired


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Park Hae Jin Desires To Portray an Evil Character


Park Hae Jin “desires to portray a boundless endless evil character”

“It was the happiest project ever.” Park Hae Jin revealed his thoughts about the JTBC Drama “ManXMan’ that finished airing the past weekend. In this project Park Hae Jin had perfectly transformed into an elite spy. If in his previous work, CITT, he got close to a mysterious youthful image, this time he was a secret agent with both beauty and brilliance.

In his latest interview he said that although he didn’t want to break his nice kind image, he would like to challenge an ‘evil character’ too. He explained “I want to do a boundless endless evil character. Something like Choi Min Shik Sonbaenim in ‘I saw the devil.’(It’s me the translator. I have seen that movie and I DO NOT want him to play such a role! Please don’t! Please!) I want to do a character that’s evil from the moment he appears to the end. I have done an evil character in ‘Bad Guys’ but I haven’t done a completely evil character.”

Final impression of ‘ManxMan’

It was the happiest project ever. There were many hard moments while shooting too, among the works I have done till now, this was the one I was most involved in. I shared my feedback with the director and consulted with the staff. More than feeling that I have appeared in this work, it feels like I have made it together with others.

You looked more comfortable than in previous projects.

If in the past I acted the characters, this time I acted the Park Hae Jin who has substituted the hero character Kim Seol Woo. A lot of my personal image has come out. It’s like my usual every day expressions, my real face had been reflected a lot.

In the past I portrayed bright healthy nice young men a lot. Through ‘Bad Guys’ I threw that image all away and just showed an only-acted image. This time it’s like I have shown a bright humorous similar-to-myself image.

This project has espionage themes. Any works you have referred to.

Watching espionage genre more than Bourne series, I felt as if it was a combination of 007 and The Naked Gun series (Starred by Leslie Nielsen, it’s a parody crime series, very funny). Before shooting this project I watched 007 a lot, more than the intellectual sexy Daniel Craig, I looked for and watched the older witty 007’s. Personally I referred to the comic aspects of Stephen Chow a lot.

This project had a lot of action scenes. What type of acting is the most difficult?

Explosion scenes were not that difficult. Because I get out before they explode it. (Laughs) More than being difficult, what I lack confidence in is acting melo (scenes). I can’t say sweet stuff well. I have to say words that others will say “It can’t be, very improbable” about; I feel ticklish when I say them. Although gazing at someone and saying words to deceive them 100% was weird but I did my best in acting them. There were 4 kiss scenes with Kim Min Jung ssi. There was one high-level kiss scene too; it was my first time doing that level so I was embarrassed.


This was a 100% pre-produced drama. Any difference with a shoot-and-air drama?

I could research and discuss the character a lot. It was pre-produced, and the script was being progressed, but for us there were not (any differences). It also seems that there are many advantages because we could have the editing going on. Of course there are some advantages in a not pre-produced project too. Of course it would be difficult but you can get feedbacks right away, and being able to feel them is an advantage.


It was an espionage pre-produced drama. There were negative views that thought it possible not to turn out well.

Whatever project that I choose, while shooting it, I am certain that it will turn out well. I don’t think that it will not do from the beginning. This time it was the same. Of course I believed that it will turn out well.

Shooting was good, and although not 100%, it turned out to be a good enough achievement. Although ratings is not everything there were unavoidable negative points, too. Overlapping with the presidential election, matching time with a long-term holiday. We didn’t start not knowing about it and they were points that needed to be taken care of. But yet even if not the first broadcast, I do wish that some more people would watch it via downloading, re-broadcasts, and other ways. I would like it if it would be remembered as a fun work after some time passes.


The character you want to play these days.

Every character has a time for receiving attention. There surely is a trend. In the past I wanted to do an evil character that had its reasons. A character that had a story about why this person is like this. Now my thoughts have changed a little. I want to do a boundless endless evil character. I have done an evil character in ‘Bad Guys’ but I haven’t done a completely evil character.

Do you want to break your kind nice image?

I don’t. I don’t feel like my image has become fixed nor do I think that I have to change (my image). That’s a side of me too. I want to add to what I show but don’t want to break my existing image.

source:  Naver    translated by:  haejinspired

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Park Hae Jin… A Guarantee of Good Views?

Park Hae Jin “A guarantee for good views? There’s no project that has become great because I only have done well.”

Park Hae Jin, an actor who has recorded good views in every work he has starred in from 2006 ‘Famous Chil Princesses’, ‘As Much as Heaven and Earth’, ‘My Daughter Seo Young’, ‘You Who Came from the Stars’, ‘Cheese in the Trap’, ‘Bad Guys’ and others. He has grown and become an actor who has received both the producers’ and viewers’ trust and (his name) is followed by ‘A guarantee for good views’.

His share in the good views for his latest work JTBC’s ‘ManXMan’ in which he was the male lead was huge, as well. But meeting the always unchanging him after a long time, he said “A work doesn’t become great just because just I alone have done well.” and gave the credit to all the actors and staff with whom he has collaborated.

“’ManXMan’s scale was very big and had foreign locations too. In comparison to other projects, I could participate in the shooting a lot more so it was nice. Although I was an actor, I gave my opinion about this and that to the director and did adlibs and etc, it is a project made by all the actors collaborating together. Everyone was overflowing with enthusiasm and the greed for the character was big too.”

Park Hae Jin said that he was grateful for the great passion and affection of the actors towards ‘ManxMan’. So maybe that’s why he waved no at ‘A guarantee for good views’.
“I wasn’t the only main star and it was the result of a lot of people’s hard work. That’s why it hasn’t become great just because of me only. But I became a small supplementation to it. (laughs) My only wish is wanting to become that small part in the projects I appear in from now on, as well.”
He who has received good ratings and had many hits during all these years, has not lost his modest attitude. This is the reason for many directors and writers to believe in him and cast him. He who has once more widened the spectrum of his acting via ‘ManXMan’, is continuing his activities with shooting CITT movie and is to go on with a restless series of acting activities.

translated by:  haejinspired


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[eNews Interview]A Born Actor, stealing the hearts of many

Park Hae Jin, ‘A born Actor’ who has stolen hearts with his unchanging attitude during the past 12 years
Actor Park Hae Jin has not changed at all. Both at the time of his debut and even now after more than 10 years, he was and still is warm and modest. His unique personality, his extremely caring nature towards his opponents, have made lots of people stay beside him.

What is surprising more than anything else is that in spite of his huge fame, he has still kept his good manners just like in the past with no exception. In the world of today where rising changes people, he steals people’s hearts with his uniqueness.

Thanks to this fact, Park Hae Jin has gained favorable reviews and good results from every work he has starred in. ‘ManXMan’, JTBC Fri/Sat Drama that ended on the 10th, is of course the same. Through this drama Park Hae Jin showed off a colourful acting with splendid action, spectacular spy story and heart-pounding romance and impressed the viewers. “Although there were lots of difficulties in shooting ‘ManXMan’, we worked well happily. The director and writer and staff were all so good, things went exceptionally well. After finishing it I felt really proud.”

He did not hide happiness about how well they have wrapped up ‘ManxMan’. This project will surely become another unforgettable project to him.

Actually ‘ManxMan’ received a hot interest both before and while being broadcasted. It is because this 100% pre-produced drama with locations in Hungary, was a collaboration between ‘The Decedents of the Sun’s writer, Kim Win Seok, ‘Remember’s director, Lee Chang Min and the best ever staff. “Through this project I could show that the actor Park Hae Jin has this colour, too. To be honest, actors are mostly tall and handsome so it wouldn’t have made a different whoever played this role. From this aspect, Kim Seol Woo was a charming enough character.” (laughs)

As an actor, Park Hae Jin is quite greedy. He truly wishes to meet not a character that needs a tall height or a hot appearance or a shining spot, but a colourful character via which he can show ‘the actor Park Hae Jin’.  From this viewpoint ‘ManxMan’s Kim Seol Woo was yet another challenging transformation for him.

Of course just like how big expectations of ManxMan had been, the pressure had not been small.

“There have been times that I thought how many of the works I have appeared in have met expectations. But I always think that at least I have not failed. Regardless of the ratings, if I can show myself enough through the character, that’s satisfactory. Actually ratings are in God’s hands. It’s not like they will turn out well if you use the right trick. Although I’d like it if ManxMan had done better, I am grateful for this result.”

‘ManXMan’s 1st episode started with 4.1% (Nielsen Korea) and got an average of 3% rating. The last episode got 4%, and the highest by-the-minute rating was 5.2%. This is a successful result.

After finishing ‘ManXMan’ I am now shooting CITT movie. Although there are people who say you’re working with no rest, I am the happiest when I work. While I am even 1 year younger (laughs) I want to show the actor Park Hae Jin with more projects. That’s my wish.”

He says “Park Hae Jin = work”. For Park Hae Jin who is writing his life with acting, the name ‘Actor’ is like an inseparable fate. It would be pleasant to look forward to the activities of the actor Park Hae Jin who lives hidden beside us through his colourful projects.
[인터뷰] 박해진, 12년간 변함없는 인간성으로 마음 훔친 ‘천생배우’

translated by: haejinspired


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Park Hae Jin… a chic Hallyu star or a confused dummy?!

Park Hae Jin “A chic Hallyustar? At home an extremely easily confused dummy”
Park Hae Jin is shooting CITT movie these days. Last year he acted in the drama version which caused a syndrome and his becoming Yoo Jung once more is highly anticipated by fans. Of course it’s not uncommon for an actor to play the same role again. Still Yoo Jung has another meaning for Park Hae Jin that made him make this choice. His hint to us was “becoming faithful to the original character”.
“Te reason for working on the movie is that I thought of it as a last remaining homework. Although I have played Yoo Jung in the drama, I always felt bad about the characteristics I couldn’t show and also wanted to give a present to the webtoon’s readers. If in the drama the focus was on Yoo Jung as a weird Sonbae, in the movie Yoo Jung will be a little closer to the original webtoon character. Of course I know that with CITT I might get a fixed image. But my life as an actor will not come to an end with CITT and with working on other projects that worry will disappear.”

CITT is a work with a huge fame even in foreign countries. Last year in China, CITT ruled the drama chart of Weibo and lit a raging Park Hae Jin fever. The following fever of ‘Park Hae Jin syndrome’ that came from ‘Yoo Jung syndrome’ easily pushed aside the effects of THAAD conflict. The Chinese regulations regarding Hallyu contents have no effects on Park Hae Jin’s stable fame. “I think the power of the characters is the strongest. They like the dramas and they kindly see my charms as well. The secret of my fame? To be honest it’s not my appearance. I don’t have double eyelids and I think I have a normal image. But there are lots of good aspects in my face too. More than being very handsome, it’s the feeling that I can show the character well, so I feel that I have a good face for an actor. I want to show a colourful wide range of images.”

After appearing on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” not long ago, he has found another nickname. He said that his wacky confused image that made people burst out laughing from time to time, has given him the nickname ‘handsome dummy’, and laughed. Park Hae Jin said “It was a real show. My niece and nephew call me dummy uncle at home.” and laughed. “I live with me 4 and 7-year-old nephew and niece, they are very nice to me. When I am leaving the house in the morning, they kiss me and when I finish shooting and go back home, like a drunken dad, I wake them up and kiss them. In the past I wanted to get married fast, now that I have lived with my niece and nephew, marriage thoughts has naturally got distanced from me. If I get married one day, I want to have kids later. Life of a celebrity is limited so when I have a wife, I want to go on a journey with her and spend a lot of memory-making times with her.”

Park Hae Jin who has passed his mid-thirties this year (Koreans consider their age the number of years they have passed plus 1) has no hurries on getting married. He added that he is looking forward to the most wonderful time he can have as a man, a future when he’s older. ‘When I was in my early 20s, I thought that when I turn thirty I’ll become a masculine man. But the me in my 30s, still likes sport shoes and Gundams like a youngster, my boyish feelings have not changed at all, either.  Of course getting older by a year, sometimes when I see the wrinkles on my face in the mirror, there are moments when I get sad too yet I also want to get older faster.  I think maybe if I enter my 40s, I will learn how to let go and become more stable. I also sometimes think that it might be good if I wake up tomorrow morning and see that I have jumped 5 years ahead.”

translated by: haejinspired

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