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“That PBY was my leading lady, that entire thing was a burden”

As soon as a drama ends and especially when it had a successful run, the actors would be baraged with a lot of interviews here and there.  I caught this one interview from http://www.mydaily.co.kr and it was in Hangul, fortunately … Continue reading

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The Proposal – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

What I love about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is that it did not cheat on important matters that us viewers would appreaciate.  In a very Ahn Min Hyuk fashion, he prepared a very thoughful proposal to Do Bong Soon … Continue reading

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All about Ahn Min Hyuk feels

The whole time that I was watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I found that its strongest point is Ahn Min Hyuk’s unwavering love to Do Bong Soon.  I made a music video hoping to capture all the feels in … Continue reading

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The hug and kiss scene fan art – SWDBS

The episodes 11 and 12 proved to be two of the most memorable part of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  Unexpectedly we were treated to a very emotional hug scene in episode 11 of which I have a separate article … Continue reading

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Phone wallpapers inspired from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

After posting the regular wallpapers, someone from Soompi request if I could make phone wallpapers.  These are made so it can fit with the iPhone 6 and & specifications.  I found no problem using it on large display Samsung phones. … Continue reading

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